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The smartwatch Xiaomi can be seen on the official website of the manufacturer

It is not literal, but that there is much truth in this statement. And it is that if we knew that the manufacturer was in the process of developing its first smart watch – we do not have the wearable for kids presented more than one month – ago today the first reference of Xiaomi my Watch has been seen or Xiaomi Smartwatch in the page of the firm has been in the native version , in Chinese, where the model has been listed in a new section of the smartwatch. Everything indicates that the model could see light in September of this year.

Smart Watches market advances. In fact, during 2016 we could say that it has taken hold since the sales have started to grow significantly. This reaction by users impact on manufacturers, increasingly more interested in this emerging market. In fact, some brands now have up to three generations of the smartwatch. For this reason it catches the eye that a brand like Xiaomi still does not have its own alternative.Xiaomi-Mi-Smartwatch

The Vice President of Xiaomi confirms the launch of the first brand smartwatch

A smartwatch that soon will become a reality

That situation will change soon. Month during which it is expected that the Asian brand as soon as September, will unveil its first smartwatch. Initial rumors speculated on the existence of the prototype and subsequent commercial version. A few months ago we know Boca’s own Vice President of Xiaomi technological already working in the design that could become the Smartwatch Mi Xiaomi. Now, recent events tell us of any model the development phase of the project.Xiaomi-Mi-Watch

New Xiaomi Mi Band 2 display, heart rate sensor and 20 days of battery

New proof must

And it is that on the page of Xiaomi has been seen listed the reference to the first intelligent clock manufacturer. This is demonstrated by the catches taken by those who realized the intrusion of the Smartwatch Mi Xiaomi in the catalogue of the firm. According to the translation of those who interpreted at first the translation of the text that appears in the image, Xiaomi clock has appeared in a new section called the manufacturer’s website, as it seems obvious, smartwatch.

Where to buy the new smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 2 touchscreen OLED

Now we can only expect to confirm the exact moment in which Xiaomi officially presented his first “serious” smartwatch. A release both or more expected that the first smartband Xiaomi my Band and more so the last Xiaomi Mi Band 2 touchscreen OLED. And it is that of the so-called Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch is expected also a striking relationship between the features, design and price of the wearable.

Article Xiaomi smartwatch can be seen on the page official manufacturer was published in MovilZona.

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