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The shades that hide the 400 million devices with Windows

Makes some days, I offered a list with them manufacturers of tablets and smartphones that continue betting for Windows 10. Despite the changes of Redmond have undertaken in recent months with the aim of consolidating its platform, the truth is that there are still some loose ends that prevent the final thrust of the Microsoft interface. He more of these obstacles is Android and its fragmentation, that gives as result that many companies, especially, them of small dimensions that intend to jump to the market, bet in exclusive by the software of the robot green, increasing its share.

With latest data adoption system that reached the leadership among the computers in the 90’s and 2000, has become a rising trend in which larger terminals back while in the field of smartphones are witnesses of a disappearance or an almost residual presence of Windows. This fact has consequences as Microsoft has reduced to minimum levels funds for the development of the version to phablets. But what lies behind the latest figures offered on its implementation? Now we’ll tell you more about the career with lights, but also with shadows, we could follow in the coming months after a 2016 full of ups and downs.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Nokia Lumia 1520

The main point of

Makes some days, is published the figures of adoption of Windows 10. The latest version of the software from Redmond has exceeded 400 million devices activated. We understand as such all those that have been used in the last month. This amount includes both tablets, and smartphones and traditional computers. According to portals as Zdnet and taking always as reference the information offered by Microsoft, the increase has been of more than 100 million of terminals from the spring of this year and nearly doubles the data of March of 2016.

The cause

This increase that could qualify is as very fast, has a responsible direct: the launch of support free from Microsoft to update all them models that count with versions superior to Windows 7, regardless of its manufacturer and antiquity. This option, which has been available until July 29, another objective is clear: increasing the market share of this latest software following poor performance of Windows 8 and mobile platforms, and on the other hand, placed this interface as an alternative to the hand of new terminals to compete against Android, which however It is still present in more than 80% of the terminals.

Lumia 950 XL interfaz

Those responsible for

Convertible tablets They are being not only Windows but also Microsoft mattress. As I remember in other occasions, the sales of PC´s traditional are falling of way more pronunciation while also attended to a lowered in the number of models conventional. Them formats 2 in 1 are gaining ground leaving of side the systems operating that equipped with and replaced to them previous gradually. An example see in the latest models of the family Surface that more releases could be added in 2017.

The critical

As I mentioned before, behind these figures that at first sight, they could show a change of course in Redmond, there are nuances that might muddy the results. In first place, us found with the other face of the currency of the Update free with which in certain mode, is forced to them users to change is to Windows 10 without guarantees of that could run is correctly in them terminals and causing failures serious of operation in them same. By another, errors pending of be solved and that have that see with them closures unexpected of them networks wireless, the existence of a catalog of applications still limited or a counselling technical insufficient that leaves to the user unprotected.

Surface Book lanzamiento

That happen in the coming months?

The data, while it is considered as positive, however cool forecasts from Microsoft to reach 1,000 billion Terminal activated in less than two years. This target could reach it in 2020. On the other hand, the presentation of a possible terminal called Surface Book and change in business lines, focusing among other things on the cloud and the Internet of things, they could be which would consolidate the trend of American technological change. Among the causes of this change in the forecast, we are the bad results, unexpected, Division of smartphones.

As it happens with the arrival of new devices to market, time is a determining factor to ensure if in this case, the rise in share of this interface will be somewhat anecdotal or will remain in time. After learning more about what is currently happening in the bosom of this operating system, do you think that with the characteristics that has, you can consolidate more firmly in a market that is marked by the leadership of Android in the short and medium term? Do you think that they will have to spend a few months after the end of the free updates to see the real presence of the platform? You have available more information on Microsft as HoloLens, its virtual reality project, as well as a listing with brands that are betting on Windows so that you can comment more on the direction of the company.

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