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The series Stranger Things comes to Google Allo with a new pack of stickers

The series Stranger Things has been the phenomenon of the summer is reluctant to let news and made it just in time for Halloween, a good time to get back it. In this case makes it the hand of Google Allo where fans will be able to find more content.

Google is committed to make Google Allo a success which could do it with Hangouts and Google +. For it is has concerned of that the release of its application of messaging rival of WhatsApp have content interesting to go hooking to more and more users.

Highlights from the series Stranger Things become Google Allo stickers

And on this occasion does Netflix hand with it has created a new pack of stickers that we can use to share with our friends in this attempt to have its own social network, which in the end is what Google Allo.

The content of the series Stranger Things coming to the app consists of a number of expressions and elements of the television show such as demogorgon, Eleven or RustyCap. All will be available from today itself and then you can see a GIF which shows the entire catalog of this pack.

pack iconos serie stranger things google allo

This week in Google Allo news

With the series Stranger Things like claim, Google also tells us that to Google Allo come other news this week as the possibility of reply from own notifications when we’re on iOS and Android. Anything on the other hand we can do using voice Google Assistant.

In addition, also added to the Google Messaging application support for Android 7.0 Nougat and its special features – in terminals that already have been updated such as the Nexus. Can use things as the screen split-and can, as indicates Google, see the series Stranger Things in a part and in another chat with them friends-, besides power draw and “tune” them photos to it “Snapchat” as novelty to them users of iPhone.

All these news are in the version 2.0 released makes few days but those packs of stickers will arrive to mode of update. On the other hand, it also appears that Google and Netflix have mounted an event in New York related Stranger Things and Halloween, in what seems to be the recreation of the Hawkins National Laboratories. If you want to be aware, follow them on his Twitter account.

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