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The secret weapon to beat in Pokémon GO gyms

Not has not yet reached the long-awaited update finally allowing fighting between friends within Pokémon GO or the new characters of the second generation. One of the latest game from Nintendo that has had much success under however allows to use a secret weapon to beat in the gym of Pokémon GO.

As you may already know, a few weeks ago leaked all the new Pokémon that will arrive in the most successful application on iOS and Android to encourage players not to abandon Pokémon GO. However, before its landing, there have been changes within the title allowing us to avail ourselves of a little help when trying to conquer any gym in Pokémon GO.

How to beat in Pokémon GO gyms

According to Otakukart, the latest updates of the game have left us a change in the CP of the different characters that populate the title from Nintendo. Thanks to this we can make use of an unexpected secret weapon to beat the Pokemon Go gyms: Chansey.

After various changes and modifications that has suffered the implementation of Android and iOS, Chansey now boasts of a 500 resistance level, having a score of 60 attack and defense of 176, with a maximum CP of 1,469 points. This means that Chansey has improved by more than 157% their statistics against the version without updating.

chansey pokemon go

Of course, Chansey is the best attacker to overcome in the gym of Pokémon GO, but it is the best when it comes to defend them and maintain your position on top of them. His defense and resistance make Chansey a pokemon to take into account in the gym battles.

Pokémon GO coaches will be very difficult to beat in the gym of Pokémon GO if this type of pokemon is defending it. It must keep in mind that you have 60 seconds to defeat the character, and with 500 points of resistance this will not be a simple task.

The title of Nintendo players have shared their experiences with Chansey in different forums, demonstrating that the monster is really hard to beat in the time allotted. Some indicate that Pokémon stronger game, as Dragonite and Vaporeon, exhausted their time as they fought against the apparently harmless pokemon. Others have even shared a Chansey of 1,216 points of CP has been able to beat a Vaporeon of 2,100 points.

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