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The screen “curve” of the telephone S7, in video

To end of June had the first news of telephone S7, a model that is won the interest of the great public by show a design almost identical to the of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Housing of aluminum lined in glass, screen without frames with certain curvature and a price, priori, below the 200 euros. After you have the chance to see some official photos of the terminal, today it is possible to play an official video in which the manufacturer shows how looks the screen apparently curve of the team.

If by something stands out telephone is by the reduced price of its smartphones, but also by their mode of interact with those users. And that the brand itself is that shows progress and provides information on their future smartphones, leaving behind the leaks and adding value to information that spreads on their new teams. On this occasion, the brand wanted to let see how will be the display of their telephone S7.Carcasa del Elephone S7

Images of the S7 telephone designed in the image and likeness of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

A copy of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The first images of the S7 telephone left patent that it was a smartphone with a huge resemblance to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It certain is that we could say that is is of a copy of the model South Korean. In fact, the images let us see that the Chinese manufacturer included also the curved forms both in the housing and on the screen, one of the main features of the S7 Edge. Today have access to a video that has uploaded the own brand to its channel of YouTube in which us lets see in a first flat how luce such screen.Efecto de pantalla curva del Elephone S7

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We already tell it after the first appearance of the S7 telephone. While the smartphone looks apparently a design almost identical to the of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, there are differences, and those differences lie mainly in the screen. And it is the display incorporated by telephone S7 does not look a curvature so pronounced as the Samsung Galaxy curved screen.

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The display of the S7 telephone at short distances

The following video us lets see how the telephone S7 has really of a screen without bezels -that already saw with previously in the telephone S3– and a glass with design 2.5 d. Something that produces a graphic effect that simulates a curved screen. It certain is that the manufacturer not has indicated in no time that is try of a screen with double bezel curved, but it has left that is the own user which remove their own conclusions and, under the first images, was susceptible of believe that actually is was of a screen curve.Display del Elephone S7

So because, the video us leaves see with a little more than detail, in the distances short, how will be it screen without frames of the telephone S7. A smartphone for which not there is fixed a date of presentation, but itself is speculated in a first moment that would acquire a price not superior to them 200 dollars.

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