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The Samsung shell-type with characteristics of the S7 Galaxy passes through the TENA

Certainly is a type of mobile phone that is no longer so common to see in the streets, the former format preferred by the majority of users, the shell type, passed to better life with the arrival of touch screens at the end of the last decade. Now its presence in the market is residual, except by brave like Samsung and LG continue to rely on this format, that Yes, usually to market it in Asian lands. Is the case of the SM-W2017 of Samsung, that must be already very near its launch, since this new mobile of Samsung type shell just of pass by the certification China of the TENA.

It is not, nor much less the first time we see this phone or some of its features leaked, and last June we met much of its technical data and an image that gave us an idea of the attractive design of this terminal, despite having a rare format.

And Yes, as you see in the previous holder, this new phone from Samsung shell-type doesn’t skimp on all in good performance, borrowing some characteristics of the flagships of the firm.

A phone of Samsung type shell to the height of the Galaxy S7

Certainly this model, Samsung Veyron SM-W2017 is not one minor in the range of Samsung phone, because its characteristics does not have to envy, for example the of the Samsung Galaxy S7, at least that is what emerges from the sheet shown in TENA certification, which on the other hand is that the phone is close to commercialization. Its technical specifications are as follows:

  • SuperAMOLED 4.2 inch screen with Full HD resolution
  • Processor Snapdragon 820
  • GPU Andreno 530
  • Memory RAM of 4 GB
  • Internal storage of expandable 64GB by 256GB microSD cards
  • Of 12-megapixel rear camera
  • Camera for photos front of 5 megapixel
  • System operating Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

No doubt is is of a tab technical that not has nothing that envy to the Samsung Galaxy S7, not only by the processor and the memory RAM that are identical, but also by its camera of photos, that has with the same sensor BRITECELL that has become to the camera of the Galaxy S7 in an of them best of the market.

Galaxy S7 concha

It is not expected we see this Samsung shell-type in the West, but of course it is a very interesting mobile, and that a particular market niche insurance could be interested enough. To you what I seem to is interesting this mobile type shell of Samsung?

Galaxy S7 concha

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