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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already being tested in China

Samsung is an of the few marks that there is that can get to have in the year 2017 the best terminal Android. Already saw as it began to get makes two years, when began to use screen Edge in its terminals. In 2016, Samsung had all to lead the market without any problem, but the failure of Note 7 made him lose many customers and lose the best terminal of the Korean company so far.

The S8 would come in two versions

They are beginning to hear more rumors about the terminals which will leave high this year. Is supposed that will see it most of terminals that out in the first half of year, in the MWC of Barcelona, but according to the latest leaks, the Galaxy S8 is would present in the month of April in an event private of Samsung. But the news today is that, the S8 Galaxy is being tested in China in two variants, with a different name for each version, giving us to understand that, Yes, this year will again have two different versions.

These two versions would be something different with regard to them of the year past. Apparently, this year, the company Korean could leave of side the screens flat or flat for bet, in its two versions, by a screen Edge. The difference of these two devices would be the size, since according to previous leaks, the small version would have a 5 inch screen while the Plus version would come up to the 6. Would be the first time that Samsung is decides by bet by a screen so large, but have that remember that this device would have a design similar to the Xiaomi my MIX, phone that has a front of screen close to the 90%, what means that this S8 would have a design in which all the front is screen.

Samsung wants to have the best phone of the year

Also we mentioned a few days ago new buttons that would have the Galaxy S8. Samsung would leave aside the capacitive buttons on the chassis and bet have navigation buttons on the screen, which would use 3D Touch technology integrated into the screen, to give more functions as a shortcut. The home button would disappear as the button and would be integrated into the screen. At the moment, this new Samsung high-end terminal looks great,

The Samsung Galaxy S8 article is already being tested in China was published in MovilZona.

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