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The Samsung Galaxy S8 can be used as a computer

At least is what emerges from the last filtration around the crew of the Korean brand that raises the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S8 can connect a display, keyboard, and mouse in a way similar to the proposal of the Continuum of Microsoft.

Although moves, according to what has been published and other sources consulted by MovilZona, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress, the truth is that they do not let rumors about the functions of the unit being already presented you reach select groups of people in Korea. And some of them are quite intrusive because we have left see an of them functions new that would integrate the team of the company Korean.

A “continuum” of Samsung Galaxy S8

It would be something, on the other hand, which is that we have not seen already, both Android and other platforms. We are talking about the possibility of connecting the S8 Galaxy to a screen, keyboard and mouse, and use it as a portable emergency in some cases.

Power not you should miss, if to the end has with the Snapdragon 835 of which already is have known some data over this same afternoon. And as we can read in Sammobile, to be integrated is a solution similar to the Continuum of Microsoft but on a basis of Android 7 Nougat.

samsung galaxy 8 en funcion desktop

I.e., the presence of an environment of desktop similar to the of Windows in which can use mouse, keyboard and screen. The proposal does not leave of be interesting, as it was with Windows 10 Mobile.

The possibility of carrying a device that if need us to, to function as a PC in your Pocket is interesting, but has the same disadvantages as the Microsoft proposal. It remains to be seen how many applications are compatible, how many can have on screen and is also necessary to have an external display to take it all.

Características del Galaxy S8

That Yes, opens a world of opportunities to take well into the Galaxy S8 a Chromebook and that this proposal, which has not had much depth in the universe of the laptop, perhaps as complement for a bumper range smartphone that is needed.

Anyway, as we mentioned at the beginning, it will take if nothing remedied, at least, two or three months more to receive news Samsung Galaxy S8 officers. Do you think that Samsung can succeed where Microsoft was not so successful, or you foresee a similar result?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 item can be used as a computer was published in MovilZona.

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