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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus may accompany to the Galaxy Note 7 in your presentation

Last year, the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy 5 Note was wrapped in an aura of controversy. And it is that mark did not indicate home if the model would be marketed in Europe. Finally it didn’t officially for sale and instead occupied it the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, identical performance, but with curved screen and without pointer S Pen. This year all seem to indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Yes pisaría Europe, but the latest leaks put on the table the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

The critical received by Samsung to the not launch the Galaxy Note 5 at Europe seemed good reason for change of strategy. However, this year there are reasons to believe that, for the second consecutive year, we would have to add another model to the equation of the manufacturer, a model aimed at replacing the Note 7 in certain markets. And that they started to appear the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus references in the network of networks.

A video shows us how the interface would be TouchWiz UX Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Alternative to Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

So is make ECHO from the portal Dutch TechTastic, where indicate that a distributor of accessories already list some of these for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus. We talked specifically about covers and screen protectors. While this type of information seems somewhat inconsistent- and of course impossible of check by the time-have of have in has that after them years this type of leaks finally have finished making is in the trace initial of a model concrete subsequently presented.Accesorios del Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus edge and Note 5 vs. iPhone 6 Plus, the definitive comparison

That Yes, in this occasion the information so only is refers to the name of the team since not has come out to the light any data related with them benefits and features of the device. That Yes, there are those who suggest that the greater distinction will be the size of the screen, 5.7 inches – that already sported earlier Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +- and double curved profile.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shows its design and colors in a new image

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 7

With the staging of the so-called Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, what is the business strategy of Samsung? The truth is that there may be several theories, especially after the latest news surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and their characteristics. Hand fits the possibility of carry to out the same strategy and relegate the Note 7 to us and that is the quoted Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus as alternative in Europe-equal that the year last-. Another option would be the market both devices and, instead of veto to Pen S model arguing that the European market doesn’t demand such characteristics, give the decision to the client.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could surprise us with a larger screen

This could be the option more interesting of face to the user since this time seems that the size of screen-if is that the Galaxy Note 7 equipped with a display of six inch- and the profile curved of the so-called Galaxy S7 Edge Plus itself could be motive differentiating concerning the phablet with S Pen and the option for who them 5.5 inches of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is you are “short”.

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