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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 come with a screen 4 K

After the failure of the Note 7, Samsung is going to have that change some things for the year 2017 is completely different. The company Korean not wants more scares or more errors as them blasts of the Note 7, so for this year, the Note 8 will be a bet safe but at the same time risky for return to transmit confidence to their users faithful.

We have already met quite a few details about the new device of high range of Samsung for the first half of the year, and it is the S8, as we have said before, will come in two different versions, one 5-inch and one 6, and already is very close to hit the market since testing in some countries.

First details of the Note 8

Carry enough time speaking of the Note 7, and is that the last device of the range Note was a resounding failed and is had that remove from the market. He is quite speculated that the company leave aside forever terminals Note, but is now almost confirmed that that won’t happen. One of the news that reaches us today on this terminal is your departure date, since, as all the Note, will be released in the second half of the year. Also we have learned that the S8 will arrive with a new virtual assistant called “Bixby” that will be a more advanced artificial intelligence.

But today’s important news is about the first details that we know the Note 8, and since we already know something of your screen, and not, at the moment we don’t know what screen size will take, but do know that resolution will have. According to have could read in Reddit, a steering of Samsung has said that the Note 8 will have a resolution 4 K, while the S8 is will be in 2 K. the resolution 4 K will make that this terminal is intended to the reality virtual and that, at the time of put the device in some helmets of reality virtual, have an experience much best to which have now with them panels current of them mobile.

The Note 8 need to be perfect

Now just need that all these ideas is having Samsung translate them into a device that does not have any failure. The company Korean needs to have a period of tranquility in which their devices not have that be retired of the market or that have a problem widespread, something very difficult today, but necessary for Samsung.

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