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The Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) already shows signs of life in the test

The product to Samsung Galaxy range has become one of the most interesting and productive of the Korean company (and, in part, responsible for the good economic data yesterday knew). As well, it has been known the next device that will conform to it and which is none other than the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016), to come to replace the model that has a thickness of only 5.9 mm.

The data that have made public come from performance testing GFXBench , one of the most widely used in the “scene” Android and that it has become an excellent source of information about the models that are coming that the companies themselves carry out their test to see if their work performance is optimal. The case is that in the database of this benchmark is the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016).

Samsung Galaxy A8 con videojuego

One of the details that have been known is that the screen of this model will be of 5.1-inch Full HD (1080 p) resolution . In this way, it fits like a glove in the middle range – always talking about the advanced – that now exists in the market. Metal finish will be present, and that is one of the features of the range Galaxy to.

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More features of the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016)

As you can see in the image that we leave behind this paragraph, the processor will be a model of the range Exynos Octa (everything points to the 7420 with its corresponding Mali GPU-T760 MP8), which operates a frequency that is compatible with Cortex-A57 architecture and works at a maximum of 2.1 GHz frequency. In what refers to the RAM, the amount that will be heading in is from 3 GB. In other words, a good combination.

Información del Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) en GFXBench

Other details that are starting in the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016), and confirming that this is a model that clearly committed to mid-range product, is that storage is 32 GB (hopefully that expandable using microSD card) and having the camera that are heading sensors from 16 and 5 megapixel (rear and front, respectively).

With operating system Android Marshmallow with TouchWiz and personalization NFC composed (what Samsung Pay support is more than just a possibility), the new model with SM-A810 nomenclature is already nearly reach the market. do you think an interesting device Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016)?

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