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The sales of the iPhone 7 depend largely of 275 million of customers of Apple

The latest report released by the analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, shows investors that the commercial success of the iPhone 7 will depend on the decision of a large part of the current clientele of the company. Thus, analyst says that the key is in the approximately 275 million users who currently have an iPhone for more than two years old ready to renew your smartphone.

The date of presentation of the iPhone 7 has already been set. In fact, expected that the reserve of the model can be immediately. However, there is some uncertainty about the success that can grab this new generation of iPhone. And is that not is expect big news regarding the iPhone 6s, at least those that can impress in a first moment to the user of to foot. This situation would leave Apple in trouble, precisely at a time when the company needs an oxygen ball. And it is that recent economic performance of the firm shows that the sale of its smartphone starts to lose strength.

The presentation of the iPhone 7 will take place the next 7 of September

275 million potential customers

And is that them news that offer the iPhone 7 will be vital to convince not only to those users that den the step of other platforms, but it will be even more for the current owners of an iPhone. For that reason, the analyst of Pipper Jaffray believes that an of them key of success of the new iPhone is in those that have of an iPhone with more than two years of antiquity. That would be any iPhone previous to the iPhone 6, data that is tasaría in some 275 million of terminals.iPhone 4s y iPhone 5 de color blanco

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus improve your camera’s photos and will have more battery

iPhone 7, option for owners of iPhones antique

And is that this portfolio of customers are who are will be more prompted to renew its iPhone by several reasons. He main, give the jump to an iPhone with display of greater size-them iPhone previous to the iPhone 6 feature of panel of four inch-. Another of those reasons are them statistics, that are running that them owners of iPhone have increased the period during which maintain a smartphone to three years.

Apple brings Spain to a new renewal Plan of the iPhone, but it is not one of us. UU

As well as, the potential commercial of the iPhone 7 would happen by convince to them customers with models old since seems more complicated do it with those that have of an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. And it is that the economic outlay by the new model will be less attractive because of the significance of the news regarding the two previous generations.

Article 7 iPhone sales will largely depend on 275 million out of Apple was published in MovilZona.

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