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The sale of OnePlus 3 will seize up in Europe from August 9

OnePlus will be forced to halt sales of its OnePlus 3 in Europe. So the manufacturer has notified it through their official forums in today. According to them explanations offered, these are the consequences of eliminate the system of invitations that is premiered with the OnePlus One and is maintained in their first compasses with the OnePlus 2 to acquire both devices. Thus, the lack of stock of the flagship will force the firm to stop sales of the model in the old continent, including Spain, from August 9.

If are interested in purchase during the next weeks the new OnePlus 3 through the store in line of the manufacturer, rush you. The company has indicated that in less than a week – August 9 – stop sales of the smartphone due to the inability to match the stock from the terminal to the volume of orders, especially those from Europe. However, OnePlus has stated hoping re-enable OnePlus 3 sale on September 12. Therefore, there will be a lapse of more than one month during which not is may perform orders, unless from the store official of the manufacturer.Frontal y trasera del OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 will leave behind the system of invitations (and new tracks from its price)

There is no sufficient OnePlus 3 stock

OnePlus runs out of inventory of the OnePlus 3. Step the system of invitations to sales has caused that the manufacturer has depleted stocks of its smartphone star. While with the invitations it had control over lots that went on sale, with free distribution has been impossible to manufacture the units needed to meet the initial demand. According to the CEO of OnePlus, have been overwhelmed, above the forecast estimated, especially for those assigned to the European market. And is that a company of the volume of OnePlus, at least in their third year of existence, not is capable of take a strategy commercial capable of supply high volumes of orders. Its business model is based on the production of small lots that will be sold until exhausted and so on. A method that allows you to adjust the budget and minimize risk and economic losses.Tienda online donde se vende el OnePlus 3

Try the OnePlus 3 Fund

Sales paralyzed in Europe until September 12

However, with the OnePlus 3 company has been overwhelmed before the avalanche of orders. Although specific sales figures or the production capacity are not known, Carl Pei has indicated that the third generation of the OnePlus One has been the most demanded in its commercial infancy. At the moment, sale will seize up until September 12, what if you want to buy the OnePlus 3 in the shop of the manufacturer you are a few days to do so or, Alternatively, resorting to the stock by the dealers.

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