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The results of the Alphabet denote important rise in sales of Google Pixel

Alphabet, the conglomerate around Google, it has just announced the economic results of the company for the fourth quarter. The figures speak of a growth in revenues to 26,000 million. Of these, 3,400 million corresponds to hardware sale, division in which we can encompass new smartphones of the firm. This record represents an 62% increase over the last quarter, from which we can deduce that Google Pixel sales have risen against the Nexus.

The big G has already published the economic numbers recorded by the company during the last quarter of 2016. They reveal increased revenues around 22%, although dividends for title have been in 9.36 dollars. This figure is below the forecast by analysts, something that has affected immediately in the stock market with a drop of something more than 2%. In the same way, you can see how the revenue generated by advertising through various formats for smartphones –the search engine app and YouTube mainly – are increasing, even in spite of the loss of value per click (15% compared to the previous quarter). Other data of interest that reported us the economic results of Alphabet is related to sales of Google Pixel.

Proceeds from sale of hardware, a 62% higher

Although it is important to take into account the overall financial health of the technology, at MovilZona we want to dump us on the results achieved in the section corresponding to the sale of hardware. Although the company does not directly provide the number of units sold of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, the attached sales figures in the results as “other income” reveal timidly has been the commercial trajectory of the first own-brand smartphones, after bygone Nexus range.

And it is that revenues from the sale of hardware have increased 62 percent over the figures achieved by the company during the third quarter of 2016during the months of October to December. This is the turnover of 3,400 million dollars, a difference of 2,400 million more if contemplanos the economic records of Alphabet for the last quarter.Actualización con Android 7.1.1 para los Google Pixel y Nexus compatibles

Google Pixel sales, more fruitful than the of the Nexus

Thus, despite not having specific data relating to sales of Google Pixel, it is evidence that the exponential rise of revenues in this division of the firm is, to a large extent, driven by sales of new smartphones. Although we would have to diversify from that total income coming from other devices as Chromecast and Home, reading seems more than apparent. And it is that the Google Pixel were just put on sale at the start of the fourth quarter of 2016. In fact, from the beginning already are pointing to a commercial success on the Nexus, according to the data arriving from the United States, relevant market currently.

We can not set aside equipment availability has interfered negatively since the company has not been able to cope with the demand, at least according to Verizon-related news, operator that distributes the model. Also, the commercial launch of Google Pixel has been done globally and there are still plenty of markets that still not has landed the model, such as Spain, can be considered so these early sales figures are just a “sketch” of the ability of improvement that has the big G in this segment.

What happens when Google Pixel extends to the rest of the markets? Is the Google Pixel 2 the final model that catapulte Google sales in the field of smartphones?

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