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The red lines that Huawei plots against Android

As we all know, Android is the software most used in the world. The platform owned by Google is present in more than 1,200 million devices around the world and, unlike other operating systems, their market share is not reduced or plunged into stagnation, but it increases. One of the causes of this increase could be the interconnection with multiple platforms like Android TV or Android Car in a bet on the Internet of things also, the fact that there are other interfaces developed by some manufacturers who, despite having almost residual deployment, use the Green robot skeleton.

A few days ago we told you about how Samsung is working more on Tizen aiming, very long term, disassociate itself from Google. However, the trajectory of South Korean giant and the interface of Mountain View, is somewhat difficult to separate. The trend of creating own softwares is not isolated, since in the case of Chinese firms, companies like Xiaomi also carry years incorporating its Android systems in all its models both of tablets, and smartphones. Now is the turn of Huawei, the largest technology china, which could also be developing its own interface. Then you have more on this decision and try to see how it can affect both terminals created by the company as in the relationship with the Green robot software.

android 6.0 notificaciones

A bold strategy, but risky

Currently, the development of parallel operating systems without the influence of Google, is complicated since, as mentioned above, the weight of Android is still important in this type of platforms. Oxygen or Cyanogen can be two examples of this. However, despite the fact that to this day, the leadership of Mountain View is undisputed, there are doubts about its success in the long term due to the possible inclusion of new policies by Google to curtail the ability of free access and modification of the source code that has emerged as one of the strengths , but also threats, of this software.

The shift from Huawei

According to PhoneArena, the Chinese company would be developing, even at an early stage and in the words of its CEO, Richard Took, a completely new operating system away from EMUI, the interface itself that we can already see in the majority of models manufactured by Huawei and based on Android. The objective of this software could be getting greater independence from Google if you decide to increase its indirect control over all manufacturers that incorporate this operating system in their terminals through the same updates to the popular search engine at the end.

Huawei Mate 8

The position of Google

In this situation, in which we have a greater number of firms who are developing, freely or based on the Green robot, its own operating system, Google is at a crossroads. The main argument that the search engine uses to justify any modifications on Android is Security, since in cases like attacks, viruses or malware as Stagefight in which it could be compromised a significant number of terminals, the rear doors and the relatively easy access to the software source code, could have caused some major havoc. On the other hand, it is impossible to predict whether ultimately the of Mountain View would end up restricting the permissions and limiting the role of the manufacturers in the production of the software since, as we all know and have recalled on several occasions, the dominant position of this platform is something that its developers are not willing to lose.

A precedent called EMUI

While at short and medium term, Huawei will continue equipping all your devices with Android, according to the CEO of the company, the change will not occur if Google to continue to deliver that open component of which software is characterized. Meanwhile, users of any of the models of the Chinese giant carry years living with EMUI, own interface that has aroused love and hate in equal parts on the one hand, thanks to an increase in customization capability and on the other by an excessive number of applications that in many cases, are not executed correctly or produce duplications.

emui 4.1 interfaz

As you have seen, the creation and development of different operating systems that you are already accustomed to seeing, it is one of the possible trends that manufacturers can at least follow in a few years. After learning more about what might be the intentions of Huawei in this sense, you think that Android is going to continue for a long period of time that leadership has become one of its characteristics, or conversely, you think that the emergence of new platforms, are based or not on the interface, it can be positive to achieve greater diversification in this sense? You have available more information as for example, the Samsung advances in Tizen so you can say to yourselves.

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