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The problems that can leave in silence to Google Allo

Messaging applications not only have become a reef of gold for developers. Some of the most powerful companies are also conducting their own experiments in this field to get more loyalty to a mass formed by millions of consumers for which communication without limits has become something fundamental in their day to day by the hand of tablets and smartphones. To Whatsapp, Telegram and a long list of tools that you have presented along them last months, aims to add is Google Allo, the bet of them of Mountain View in this field with which intend to leave of side the failures of platforms as Google +

Accompanied by Duo, which I previously gave more details, the owner of Android and the popular search engine seeks a before and an after in the field of messaging apps. However, expectations on both can be very overshadowed by a series of problems especially related to the safety of users and which tend to be common. Then, you have more on these setbacks and you give some tips that can be useful if to the end you decide by download the platform.

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Google and privacy

In a few years, protecting the public it has not focused only on providing the best guarantee to avoid viruses and attacks, but rather millions have demanded a greater capacity of decision when it comes to managing their data and more sensitive information that may be attractive to hackers, and also a claim for companies of all kinds that can leave the consumer with certain helplessness. To meet these needs in matters of privacy, have seen some advances from Google in elements as Android between which can highlights the control of permissions of applications. However, and as have reminded in other occasions, still remains much by make in this field.

What happens with Allo?

With the arrival of this app makes so only some days, also has appeared the controversial on them requirements that need to operate. Despite improvements in the software of the Green robot that I have mentioned a few lines above, Allo need full access to the terminal with all that that entails: from personal information such as name and surname, until access to the galleries, information of the tablet or smartphone that you install it, and how not, the location. In spite of that among its strengths has encrypted and even an artificial intelligence, the latter must be disabled if we want to keep the talks secret.

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A launch discrete

Unlike that usually pass with others products of the company as their terminals Nexus or it presentation of them new members of the family Android, the arrival of Allo has been modest if have in has that currently, only there are versions in some languages while their creators are working to marches forced for extend it to more languages. On the other hand, it must face a very important challenge called Whatsapp. And is that, the platform of messaging is still keeping is leader with more than 1,100 million of users. But it is not the only one, as the following in the world rankings: Telegram and Line, with several hundred million downloads each, and the existence of a very wide range, may be more reasons for the public does not have much interest in the new Google.

If finally downloaded it, how can we have a safe chat?

Despite the doubts and the credibility that Google can raise with their new platform, there are some functions that can be useful at first sight if we want to feel protected while you use this app. The most noteworthy are the use of the content system of self-destruction and the option of creating private chats. Activate these functions is simple: just go to the bottom right corner and click on the blue icon that appears there. A time made this, we will be shown a menu in which will be the option “start chat of incognito”. Here, you can select the contact that you want to use this feature. With regard to the system of deleted, also can set the hour and the day that is deleted them messages.

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Today, it is very complicated make a privacy and a protection of the public complete. To through not only of Allo, but of the apps that we use to daily, can check how our data can be managed by hundreds of people with and without our consent. After know more about them challenges to which is faces another app of messaging, would think that here are attending to an example of how them large companies not is striving too in provide a good experience of use of its products from the public? Think that with the time is etiquette these problems and is converted in a good option capable of compete against them more great? While these unknowns, are revealed, we leave more related information as for example, how attempts to offer all this on Android so that you may know more.

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