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The problems of the iPhone battery 6s, unresolved in 10.2.1 iOS or iOS 10.3 Beta

After checking 10.1 iOS and iOS not only 10.2 not solved problems of the 6s iPhone battery, that sometimes even aggravated them, users waiting eagerly Update iOS 10.2.1. However, and in spite of being patches with lots of error correction, the software upgrade did not act on the aforementioned problem of battery. The owners of the affected teams will have to continue waiting for new OTA, although by now iOS 10.3 in its Beta phase also registers changes in this regard.

In recent months, Apple drags a serious problem with an undetermined number of iPhone 6s batteries. In fact, the volume of complaints that appeared in China encouraged that an Asian Consumer Association extended a collective complaint. Shortly after Apple turned a protocol to replace these batteries, warranty, free of charge. The problem itself was that the smartphone is turned off automatically, unexpectedly, when the battery level reached 30%.

The 6s iPhone battery problems remain

Shortly after the signing of the bite Apple accept reports errors, it promised a solution in the form of update. However, as overtook higher up, at the moment the most current version of iOS not seem to have had positive impact. After a few days of testing, users are still warning that the 6s iPhone battery problem reproduces in the same way.Problemas de batería del iPhone 6s

With iOS 10.3 in its early stages as trial version also appears to have solution. At least so implies a user in the forums MacRumors, where detailed that with iOS 10.3 Beta 1 his terminal shuts off with 39% of battery.

The Beta of iOS 10.3, for now, does not have the antidote

Thus, a lack of evidence and testimonials that testify the same, in principle the novelties of iOS 10.3 focus more on the introduction of new products rather than on the solution of errors. And it is that initially this Beta 1 jumped to the fore with Find My EadPods as the ultimate.

However, we must bear in mind that the Apple software testing program can address anytime the cited problem of the iPhone battery 6s, in one of the many Beta that the company usually launch with a margin of between one and two weeks.

That Yes, the reading of the situation for the user of a foot – mainly for those who await solution to the problem of the 6s iPhone battery – it seems obvious. And is that, if we take into account the process and time taken Apple to develop an update of evidence in an official version, this could result in that iOS 10.3 as official update could no sooner than a month or a month and a half. A waiting time too long for those who suffer the effects of the problem initially detected in China. That if you stick to the best and what happens because iOS 10.3 Yes finally got to fix the error.

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