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The price of the Zuk Z2 more bass that never, with Snapdragon 820 by 169€

As well know this year them main ships logo have had two traits very defined, at least those of the first half of 2016. Have counted with the processor Snapdragon 820 and a memory RAM of 4 GB, something that us offers the Zuk Z2. This evolution of the first models of Lenovo brand is now priced incredibly low, giving us the possibility to enjoy a first class terminal at a cost range average. Because the price of the Zuk Z2 is more bass that never.

The Z2 Zuk arrived last spring as one of the most interesting proposals to deal with the Xiaomi Mi5, not in vain is a terminal that has nothing to envy and is backed by a brand like Lenovo back. Not you are missing features of authentic ship logo.

Price of the Zuk Z2 of full shootdown

As have could check the Zuk Z2 is a terminal to which is you has equalised to them phones more powerful of this 2016 in AnTuTu, which certainly is a great letter of presentation that summarizes what we can offer. As well, we now have it at a knockdown price in Gearbest for a few hours, at a cost of only 169,35 euros, which is the same price as the range average more normalitos which can be found in Chinese stores.

Precio del Zuk Z2

For this price Zuk Z2 offers in addition to the powerful processor Snapdragon 820, nothing less than 4 GB of RAM, more than it offers the standard version of the Xiaomi Mi5. But not here is thing, because the Zuk Z2 also boasts no less than 64 GB of internal storage, a brand that is not anything common either for the price which has. Other features include a 13 megapixel back camera and another 8 megapixel front.

Zuk Z2 de color negro

Also has a 3000mAh battery, a good marks for being a ship logo these characteristics. Other mobile definitely comes to mind with more power and guarantees that this for a very low price. Obviously the shipping costs already included, and it is white unit. If you want in color black only there is that pay four euros more, a total of 173 euros. Certainly is it best that are going to be able to find currently by a price so low, and as say, not is of any manufacturer, but of Lenovo, all a warranty.

The article the price of the lowest Z2 Zuk which ever, with Snapdragon 820 £ 169 was published in MovilZona.

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