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The price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the same, but their higher costs

Yesterday we did echo of information that pointed to the Samsung Galaxy S8 could go with an internal memory of no less than 256GB, although it is not confirmed if it will be a version or model standard. Well, now we have well-known new information pointing to the manufacturing cost of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be greater than the previous models of the range Galaxy S. And it was precisely this increase of memory responsible for the rise in costs, but the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the same

As we said is a possibility that you are taking shape, that the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a more internal memory, with a capacity of 256GB which could offer even as standard option. A feature that could have a very high cost.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the same as its predecessors

New information coming in from China suggests that this internal storage up to 256GB increase could increase the costs of production of the Samsung Galaxy S8 above what they have been in previous models of the high-end Samsung. According to these reports, the cost of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 with respect to their predecessors would be 28% higher, something that might make us think that it will be a much more expensive than expected and terminal which are used in the Galaxy S. range

precio del Samsung Galaxy S8

Nothing further from reality, as although the new terminal costs rise, according to these information coming from China, Samsung would assume a reduction in margins of benefit to offer the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 equal to which has been releasing his previous warships logo. Thus, if we combine the information from yesterday and today on the Samsung Galaxy S8, we should stay with that come with one internal memory of 256 GB for the same price that we have seen in previous versions.

samsung galaxy s7

It would certainly be a great coup by Samsung that would offset some of the ground lost with the Galaxy Note 7. In any case must take this information with caution, and more talking about margins of benefit, since it is one thing to be shuffle this possibility, and quite another that is workable without affecting the company’s results. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be presented as it is already customary during the next MWC 2017 of Barcelona, which will be held during the month of February.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 item will be the same, but their higher costs was published in MovilZona.

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