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The price of the Google Pixel in Spain would begin from the 759 EUR

At the official presentation of the new Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL we have had opportunity to meet part of their details and specifications. However, those in Mountain View have not been very specific with the price of its new smartphones. Although it has been released Google Pixel cost for the US market, have not offered details about price Google pixel in Spain and, therefore, in Europe. Nevertheless, at this time the official store of the search engine already offers an advancement in this regard. The cost of the basics of the Google Pixel will leave from the 759 euros.

The initial rumors about the price of new Google smartphones already would ensure that the time of the Nexus at affordable price would history. Indeed, the Nexus 6 p was a point of transition that Google is has charge of let in evidence with the presentation of the Google Pixel. And it is that at the same event the Americans announced an official 649 dollars price. However, the cost of the equipment for the European market was not disclosed in the first instance. Since are accustomed to them manufacturers not apply the change of currency, but is usually expensive still more by various aspects financial, in this aspect were to the expectation.

The price of Google Pixel in Spain: from 759 euros

However, a lagoon in the shop of Google us has allowed see an advancement. And is that in the store virtual of the Finder appears a reference of the price of the Google Pixel in Spain, at least to judge by the language in which appears this page. Although the URL that us allows access to this paragraph involves reference to the market German. In spite of this, we may well consider this cost as a basis for the European market.Precio del Google Pixel en España según la tienda del buscador

So, therefore, all be indicate that; except for errors of any kind or subsequent rectification, the price of Google Pixel Spain will depart from 759 euros. Since the page qualifies “from”, hopefully it relates to Google Pixel of 32 GB. Therefore, the model with 128 GB could exceed calmly the 850 euros. In the same way, remains to see what will be the price of Google Pixel XL, a version differential of the base model for the larger screen and the battery capacity.

Google is coming to Samsung and Apple

If finally the most basic Google Pixel will start with a price from 759 euros, means that the search engine will be positioned on the same rung of prices that two of its top competitors, Samsung and Apple. And it is that we have to consider that own Google Pixel XL, taking as a reference the cost of Google Pixel, could widely exceed the 800 euros in its 32 GB version. With these figures, it would be patent to the Google Pixel will be positioned in the orbit of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7, whose prices also exceed the 700 euros.

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