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The option of sharing GIF animated in WhatsApp still more closely

WhatsApp beta is the ideal place to learn about new features of the most commonly used worldwide messaging application, and like almost every week there is a new version of this beta that reveals some new and reminds others that we already know are even closer. One of which we discussed last June, and it is that has to do with the arrival of GIF files in the application. We will review these and other novelties of the new version of WhatsAppbeta.

This new beta of WhatsApp is the version 2.16.195, and thanks to she can ensure that the arrival of them GIF animated to the application is more closely that never, besides other news.

The GIF animated more near WhatsApp

And all thanks to a new folder added to the file version of WhatsApp2.16.195 APK, this folder is called “WhatsApp Animated Gifs” and confirms that the arrival of the animated GIF come from road and steadily toward the final version of WhatsApp, although at the moment is not even implemented in the beta.

GIFs en WhatsApp

We have also seen in another source that it is customary to reveal new application features an image that demonstrates that this function is underway, in which we can see the above folder and one of these animated GIF referred to as recent.

More news of the beta of WhatsApp

One of the main novelties of this version is that already added chains of invitations for groups, a function which we had already spoken earlier and which allows to send group invitations to other contacts and that they are expanding them through the network.

WhatsApp cadenas invitaciones

An interesting novelty is the adoption of Maven, a software management and creation of Java projects that would make it possible to download additional modules dynamically, something that could bring many new features to the application in the future. This new supplement has been discovered thanks to part of them nine new directories and files included in the APK from WhatsApp, as are “” and “pom.xml”.

WhatsApp Maven

These new features that are going to the final version will join which they have recently, known as the identification in two steps that we recently:

  • WhatsApp will add authentication in two steps

Although an of the News Star of this week have been the recall and new fonts available for the application.

  • Voice mail on WhatsApp, redial and fonts, the Android beta news

Article sharing animated GIF in WhatsApp even closer was published in MovilZona.

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