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The Nexus (Pixel) 7 p, manufactured by Huawei, tablet will debut the Andromeda system

Information about the next event Google has begun to flow which torrent and if yesterday by separately came news of tablet to manufactured Huawei for the Mountain View company, on the one hand, and Andromeda, the system which will amalgamate mobile experiences and desk, on the other hand, seems that there might be some sort of connection between the two and is that the first (tablet) could be the initial for the second support (SO) , although as we hold more data, the unknown is, paradoxically, more.

Before we dive, we must warn you that by now nothing no insurance and the direction have taken the information in the last hours you can change sign quickly. However, going to treat of collect what have them media with regard to the next tablet of Google (that could carry even the signature Nexus) and your system operating. Is some credibility to this information, by that it collect, but the data are rather confusing.

Google / Huawei Pixel 7: persistent rumours about the tablet for the October 4

Huawei and Google. Nexus / Pixel 7 p… with Andromeda

Some concepts have clear by now, and they are as follows: Google and Huawei will present a tablet with 7 inch screen and 4 GB of RAM. So @evleaks it was announced at the time and is something on which there is a solid consensus. Starting from here, everything is more complicated.

Google test Andromeda in Nexus 9. The merger between Android and Chrome OS points to October 4

9To5Google points out that this device will be the first with Andromeda, a system operating of Google that combines features of Android and Chrome OS to get an experience unified and total. On the other hand, we thought that Andromeda would not come until the year 2017 (yesterday afternoon there was talk of a 3 Pixel), however, the tablet of Huawei and Google, which even the own editor which comes from the news knows to say if it will be Nexus or Pixel, apparently will serve as a shuttle.

An experimental tablet or a full development?

By all the uncertainty that surrounds to this release, them boys of Android Authority is have made a question that has enough sense: will be that Nexus 7 p a tablet for developers or focused to a public general? Must have in has that so only had heard talk of Andromeda a time previously and that before convert is in a product commercial with all them of the law the system should live a minimum period of first implementation, test e even baggage media so the user is accustomed to it.

Nexus 7 LTE 4G

Given the way in which is evolving in the last hours, we dare say that a tablet will once again be the great attraction of the keynote of Google.

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