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The Nexus could release an app to share screen with Google service

Do you have a problem with the configuration of your smartphone or tablet Nexus and don’t know how to fix it? This situation could be about to change since Google is working on a more complete and personalized support tool . He target would be optimize your service of attention to the customer in the paragraph technical, so that their employees can help to them owners of terminals Nexus through a application that les would allow access to them same through the screen, something as well as already makes Apple with their customers of Mac through the program AppleCare.

Android is the next major update of the Google software platform and with this come many changes regarding Marshmallow. However, its Beta version status leads to that firmware is subjected to continuous changes to its official launch. One of those changes could end up with an application to improve technical supportintegration. It is believed that Google will allow users of equipment Nexus – and it seems that most likely the new Nexus to manufactured HTC – share the screen of their smartphones so that technicians are able to solve the problems of a form more quickly and effectively in remote.Pantalla compartida en Nexus

They filter the datasheet of the S1 Nexus to manufactured HTC

Screen sharing

As he unveiled the Android Police portal, which is supported by a reliable source, Google working on an application that allows the owners of teams Nexus share the screen of your smartphone or tablet with the service of the company. A project that really great G already had in mind with Android Sylver, but not finally came to fruition. Now, the evidence in the form of screenshots and information from the service leave record that not only search continues with the idea, but that both service and app already would be tested.

Android N Developer Preview 4 is optimized for third-party apps

Only in Terminal Nexus

While the app could become integrated series in the final version of Android, it seems clear that this only added value service will focus teams Nexus, so it would be excluded the rest of models, including those that reach the market with Android N series or be updated subsequently. In the same way the new Nexus which are on the list of upcoming new products, those that have already been linked to HTC, have all ballots to be first in brand new this service, a service that is currently active in other companies such as Apple. And it is that the Cupertino already offer sharing the screen of Mac customers through a small program with the technicians of the company through the Apple Care program.

In development

The Nexus article could release an app to share screen with Google service was published in MovilZona.

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