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The Nexus could disappear and give way to smartphones Google with interface custom

Goodbye to the Nexus, at least as conceive them today. According to the information released by Android Central, Google is preparing major changes in the commercial line of their smartphones. The first big news would come with the rebrand, the disappearance of the name Nexus. The second, and perhaps more shocking, first would be the adoption of a custom graphic interface by the own search engine.

While from makes something more than one year is listened it possibility of that Google intent their own smartphones, low its brand, never imagined that could be a movement so sudden and, also, preceded of the Suppression of the denomination Nexus. It is the theory proposed by Android Central based on the information they have been able to obtain from a source at the heart of Google. Thus, the Empire of the Nexus in the Smartphone market well could come to an end this year leaving behind if a brief, but intense history of six years, since the first Nexus, Nexus One, arose in the year 2019.Smartphones Nexus 5X y Nexus 6P

Chips technical of all those devices Nexus

The 5 X and 6 p, the last Nexus Nexus

And is that the change is would produce as soon as already same, since the filtration points that them Nexus 5 X and Nexus 6 p will be the last of his lineage. Them imminent new models, them manufactured by HTC and that have associated until the date with them names in key Sailfish and Merlin, already would be catalogued under the new brand commercial of Google. However, by the time what will be this brand not has transcended, although is predicts that could be the own emblem of the search engine, Google.

Reveal those prices that could have them Nexus Sailfish and Marlin

Software customized with new interface

However, regardless of what would be the end of them Nexus as name commercial, more shocking is the made of that Google could implement changes much more profound in its platform of software. And it is that from Android Central echo of a possible additional graphical layer an more personalized graphic interface. We have to remember that, to date, the Nexus were distinguished in the market because it is the devices capable of offering a 100% user experience Android, without layers and decorations that would interfere with the functions of the system. Of the same mode are points that also is would include tools additional, although not there is greater details to the respect.

Google Play Edition models will disappear from the Play Store

That trend would be in the oblivion since Google could give a turn of 180 degrees. Thus the multinational would be prepared to apply its own aesthetic modifications to modify the system’s user experience. Without a doubt, a radical shift against the conception of what until now were Nexus smartphones.

The Nexus article could disappear and give way to smartphones Google with customized interface was published in MovilZona.

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