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The Nexus 9 will not have the high graphic capabilities of Android 7.0 Nougat

HTC turn to tablets segment to engage in project Nexus, two years ago, was a source of great satisfaction for those who (like this that speaks to them) appreciate the Taiwanese company’s doing and, in addition, they have preference for the philosophy of Google for their devices. At the end of time, however, the team has shown some important shortcomings and the non-presence of Vulkan in its adoption of Android 7.0 Nougat is the ultimate test.

Google is has characterized by make of their tablets powerful devices. with regard to the performance graphic is concerned, betting by Nvidia in it most of them cases (except with the Nexus 7 of 2013) e including each new version of OpenGL of form native in them different editions of Android. While Vulkan (OpenGL ES3.2) will come along with Android 7.0 natively, now seems that the drivers may be out of some devices, as in the case of the Nexus 9.

There will be no Vulkan for the Nexus 9

After giving many laps and ask different technicians from Google and Nvidia, a Reddit user has come to the conclusion that the Nexus 9 will not have support for Vulkan, the system of 3D rendering of last generation that promises a better management of the GPU, with lower consumption residual, and a strain relief on the CPU to process images.

Nexus 9 blanca

While the Nexus 6 p, the 5 X or the Pixel C have with the API of Vulkan from the second Preview of Android Nougat, in the Nexus 9 this system not appeared by any side, what led to the user zxcvbad to ask and received the response negative from Google. There is no doubt that the Tablet has sufficient potential to adopt this version of OpenGL, in fact the Shield Tablet already does, but the Mountain View have decided not to support.

NVIDIA updates the Tablet Shield to Marshmallow while preparing a new release

9 nexus: a disappointment after the passage of time?

The Nexus 9 had everything to be the perfect tablet and do pick up a segment and a product line that was beginning to show signs of wear. It was the ideal concept to reconcile the fans of HTC tablet-formatted and meant a renewal of ideas seen in the first two Nexus 7, but taken to a higher level in terms of quality. Commercially, the product does not gave the results expected, that is clear. The change to the denomination Pixel and the growing interest of Google by enhance them Chromebooks makes think that them tablets Nexus can have arrived to its end.

Following the withdrawal of the Nexus 9, will we see a new Nexus 7 p tablet of Huawei?


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