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The Nexus 6 p back down price at Amazon

A year after its launch, and after having arrived to them stores them new Google Pixel, the Nexus 6 p manufactured by Huawei has returned to lower of price in Amazon, where has reached a price really attractive, and that to many les goes to tempt to make is with he. You have to buy the Nexus 6 p at the best price on Amazon and also swim all the features of this authentic flagship that much war continues today. And above all features with a large scene Android back. The Huawei 6 p became the last year accompanied by 2015 of the Nexus 5 X manufactured by LG, a terminal that was surprising for its original design, especially at the side of the camera and which also had a large size of 5.7 inches.

The Nexus 6 p more discounted even at Amazon

If we echo of this new offering is that Huawei terminal is even at a price lower than you saw it during Black Friday. And is this phone has lost 400 euros, what it means to reach almost half of the price that went on sale in October of last year.

Nexus 6P

This new offering provides the Nexus 6 p for only 399 euros, in its version of black 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It is available with shipping free for Premium customers who in addition will receive it in his house in only one day.

Amazon Logo

EUR 399,00 EUR

The Nexus 6 p is a phablet of great size, which goes beyond the traditional 5.5-inch screen to offer a 5.7-inch. Processor is the 2015 ingignia vessels, the Snapdragon 810, which as you know is a little “hot”. On the other hand offers a 3 GB of RAM memory and an internal storage that does not have a card reader.

nexus 6p

On your camera, has a good 12.3-megapixel sensor, with an opening of f/2.0, with auto focus laser and dual LED flash. To finish off your tab technique has a 3450mAh battery and a reader of fingerprints on the back. It is certainly a great terminal, which not only boasts an excellent technical section, but it also has a huge community of developers behind that offer dozens of alternatives to software of stock in Google, which by the way, always enjoy the latest version.

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