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… The next revolution of Apple do an app style Snapchat?

There is much talk of if the next iPhone 7 will feature a dual on the back camera or remove forever the headset port in favour of launching some new headphones compatible with the lightning port terminal… But, and if the real revolution of the iPhone 7 include a new video application style Snapchat?

According to a report by Bloomberg well known company headquartered in Cupertino may be about to launch its own social system, inheriting much of the features that have made famous Snapchat, the social network and messaging with ephemeral content.

Different sources have assured the media that Apple is working on an application of video recording and Edition that would be similar in functionality to Snapchat, though these rumors do not talk about that the contents may disappear as the application in the same happens with the popular application of the yellow logo.

Instead of the expiration of them images, apple bet by present the simplicity of use with a single hand at the time of take photographs and record of form comfortable without having that use them two hands for this (good stabilizer should include the iPhone 7 then…). In this way users can slide between various filters or add drawings on their catch. The main objective of this possible application of Apple would be that users can create and edit videos in less than one minute.

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Rumor or reality?

Actually it may be true that Apple is working on an application style Snapchat. In fact since Bloomberg makes sure that those responsible for it would be the same people who developed other Apple video programmes as famous as iMovie and Final Cut Pro, except that now the content would be destined to be shared on social networks.

Bloomberg reports that Apple has not given any information about the arrival of this application, but be certain these rumors we could not wait to see it next to the launch of the iPhone 7, which will take place in just a few days. Normally the company is expected to show all their news on software to the month of March, time in which is develops its WWDC and years earlier have could know them new apps of the brand as well as data of them successive revisions of iOS.

Do you think that Apple is so lack of ideas to launch its own version of Snapchat?

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