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The next phablet of ZTE can be seen and is full of news

In recent months, the ZTE of china has improved, at first glance, the quality of its terminals. The technology based in Shenzhen has made the leap to the high range of phablets with terminals as the Axon Elite, of which I spoke in the past. However, through its subsidiary Nubia, it is also determined to get a privileged place within the range average, the segment where competition between brands, especially from the Asian giant is more evident. Field of tablets, instead, the company is leaving as well stop, which a drawback may be in the future when more consolidation in markets such as the European or American.

The trend that we are seeing during the summer, based on the drip of new phablets but with a smaller range of tablets, is also having its echo in this brand, which is preparing a new model of the Axon, series that already some of its features have been known as specialized as Gizlogic, portals. Then you have more about this next device that pretends to aspire to the highest. Will be prepared to meet the expectations that users and them own manufacturers deposited in it?

zte zmax pro pantalla


While its exact dimensions are still unfamiliar with, what has already confirmed is that it will have a housing made entirely in aluminium. This can serve one more time to confirm that metals have gone completely to the plastic to provide strength, and at the same time, lightness, all phones that come to market. On the other hand, and as we’ll tell you later, it will be a large terminal.


Start with the size of the screen. The new ZTE will be equipped with a panel of 6 inches that will be able to recognize 5 simultaneous pressure points. On the other hand, it will be accompanied by a HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. In the land of the cameras, us find with two sensors, one front and another back, that reach them 13 Mpx. However, the most striking in this regard is that, according to its manufacturers, both are prepared to record contained in format 4 K. Your landing will serve to end of confirm all the functions of this component and that currently, also is unknown. Is believed that would count with some elements as the recognition facial or the auto focus.

axon max panel


Two of them aspects that serve to introduce to a terminal in a category and that, subsequently, contribute to determine its success or its failure, are the speed and the memory. In both, we have witnessed great improvements in year so far in all ranges. According to are running from Gizlogic and taking as reference the data filtered by the authority China of telecommunications, Tena, the Axon Max would have with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 that would reach peaks of 2 Ghz. On the other hand, would be equipped with a RAM of 4 GB to which we must add a capacity of storage initial of 64. It is confirmed if this last parameter may be extended or not.

Operating system

Despite the launch of Nougat and its inclusion in some terminals, the truth is that its definitive consolidation will be within a few months. Meanwhile, a large part of manufacturers are positioning is before your update with the installation of Marshmallow of series. The phablet of ZTE will be equipped with Android 6.0 through the interface itself MiFavor. In terms of connectivity, and as it is usual, will be equipped to support WiFi networks, Bluetooth and fingerprint reader. Sites like GSMArena also ensure that it will have type C USB.

usb tipo c cable


Rapid charging technology and increasing the size of the batteries are two of the strengths most used by the manufacturers to resolve deficiencies in this section. ZTE terminal would be equipped with a large-sized that would overcome the 4,100 mAh, and that could take more than one day and a half with mixed use in which the playback of content in high definition would also be included.

Availability and price

All indications are that the Axon Max 2 will be released just before the start of the Christmas season. In terms of its cost, is taken for granted that it will be at the barrier between middle and high range and that will bring it closer to 400 euros. As it is usual, as to his possible release date approaches, will unravel more precisely all aspects related to its points of sale and the actual price.

After learning more about the next thing which could get us from Shenzhen, do you think that the Axon Max 2 is ready to enter the high-end? Believe that has some limitations that you will prevent landing in this segment but that you will serve to place is as a best option in the range Middle? Have available more information related as for example, one of their models of the series Nubia so can say you same on them possibilities of the technology Asian.

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