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The new version of Chrome for smartphones for speed

Today Chrome is still the browser that is preferred by the users to surf the Web from your smartphone. A few hours ago the team responsible for its development has just announced that it plans to make its mobile browser even faster with respect to the reload of the page. Team promises that the latest version of Chrome should provide 28% more speed when it comes to reload the page and 60% less time to carry out a validation.

In general, when someone reloads a web page, browsers first checked with the web server resources in cache that can be used. This transferred to the common language, means that they occur hundreds of provided network by page requests to dozens of domains. Although this does not imply a serious drag on a computer, mobile devices assumes an increase in latency and performance problems.

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According to the developers, the new version of Chrome aims to improve both aspects, both the speed of recharging and validation, so the update of Chrome for smartphones will not be simply faster that versions prior to reloading web pages, but it will also consume less bandwidth bandwidth and power.

To demonstrate these improvements, since Chromium is has published a video where perfectly exemplified the improvements implemented in the latest version of the browser (left screen) with the current version of Chrome for smartphones (right screen). Thus you can check the speed of reloading web pages, in contrast to a previous iteration.

How to access the first Chrome enhancements for smartphones

All the news that in the future (near or far) before the application of Chrome for smartphones will reach undergo Chrome Beta. If you want to always check new features first-hand you can sign up for the Google browser beta program and download the relevant application from the application market.

WP-Appbox: Chrome Beta (free, Google Play) →

But Chrome Beta is not the only application where you can find new features that will come, or not, to the famous application. From Chrome Canary you can access experimental functions that are being tested for Chrome for smartphones and possibly reach the final version of the app. However, most of these functions have just lost in the limbo of Google software

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