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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 notes app will reach others Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has become the authentic feeling of the summer following its introduction earlier this month of August, only a few weeks ago. One of the characteristic features of this terminal is undoubtedly its large size and its S-Pen, the pen that allows us to take notes in a simple way, and even with the screen of the terminal off. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has with a great number of applications exclusive, that us allow take notes and interact with the S-Pen of a form as not it had made no Note previously.

Notes for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a new exclusive Notes application at the moment for this terminal. But this is something that could change according to the latest information poured by her own Samsung.

Note 7 Apps for the rest of models Note

In this new generation of Note Samsung has wanted give you a push to the capabilities exclusive of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in combination with the S-pen. These exclusive actions of S-Pen now gather in a single app, the so-called as Notes or notes and that now brings together all the functions that previously were divided into different applications such as Scrapbook, S Note, Action Memo and Memo, while now all are gathered in a single application.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tomando notas

As we say is is of some functions exclusive of the Note 7 that soon could get to them others members of the family Note. At least this is what has secured Samsung in its Newsroom, where has said literally that “the new application Samsung Notes is currently available in the Galaxy Note 7 and it will be for download in others devices Note in a future close“. So that no filtering is not any rumor, but that is your own Samsung which ensures that these exclusive functions now Note 7 will arrive in the previous generations of the phablet of the Koreans.

Galaxy Note 7 de color negro

Thus the owners of the previous Note will enjoy above all a best writing experience surplus the terminal screen, something to which great attention in this new application has been paid and which has also expanded the ways of interacting with the S-Pen and the formats in which you can write and draw. Already is a great step that Samsung recognize the arrival of this new app to others Note, that means that in a few weeks surely are compatible with this.

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