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The new phablet of Honor would come in August and could be thus

Huawei and its subsidiaries are going forward positions both in the field of tablets of the smartphones. As we have mentioned on other occasions, in the case of larger stands, those of Shenzhen have been the only ones that have not only managed to escape the situation of stagnation, but have also increased the sales of devices and increased its market share. In the phablets, we have some aspirations that translates into the launch of models for the high range, in a show of force with which this company, aims to position themselves at the height of others such as Samsung.

However, this is not the only one who is determined to occupy a privileged situation within the sector, since Honor, her younger sister, and that in the past he focused on the release of more modest terminals, it is preparing a new device, Note 8, which I then count the possible features that would have and that could be one of the big surprises from China with an eye on the IFA , and the other in the Christmas season that, for many companies, represents a real ball of oxygen.

huawei honor phablets


According to photographs that have been released through the Tena, the Chinese body that authorises the commercialisation of new devices, the next phablet of Honor may also have a cover that combine plastic with metal. At first glance, we would be faced with a chassis that would draw the first material at the edges and making use of more resistant elements in the rest of the housing.


We continued with the performance of image. Note 8-could have a panel of large size, in particular of 6.6 inches, to which we should add a QHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. In the field of cameras, we would be facing two sensors of 13 and 8 Mpx, which, as usual, have features such as face detection or the auto focus. The ability to record videos in high definition and the existence of LED flashes are other highlights in this sense. In portals like GSMArena they assume to be treated a multi-touch panel.

note 8 pantalla


These characteristics could serve to frame the future phablet of Honor within the ranges to medium-high. Firstly, through its processor, manufactured by Huawei as usual in most terminals marketed by this company and which, with the 955 Kirin would be among the fastest on the market with its 2.5 Ghz speed. On the other hand, in memory, Note 8 sale not bad standing. It shuffles the option that is available in two versions. A basic 3 GB of RAM and a 32 GB storage and a higher, and more predictably more camera with 4-64 GB respectively. The latter could come up to 256 GB with Micro SD card.

Operating system

In the field of software, and as we have stated on other occasions, Chinese firms are opting to incorporate the latest Android versions modified with own software. Note 8 does not escape this fact and, as it is becoming customary in Huawei over the past months, the last member of the family of the Green robot is installed in series. EMUI, which increases the capacity of personalisation of terminals and adds a series of applications added to it.

emui 4.1 interfaz

In terms of connectivity, this model would be prepared for networks 3 G, 4 G, WiFi and Bluetooth generation. On the other hand, would come adapted to cables USB of type C whose speeds maximum of transfer of data can get to them 150 Mbps. Account with other already common features as the fingerprint reader. It would be equipped with a 4,400 mAh battery.

Availability and price

Some specialized portals are already eco on the official presentation of this phablet. It takes for granted that will be announced on 1 August in Shanghai.  Also has confirmed that it will be available in various colors, silver and gold. The date of official release to the different markets in which operate both Huawei as honour its price, and they are still pending confirmed and unknown. However, everything suggests that the next phablet of this company may be for sale at the end of the year to take advantage of the pull of the holiday season. Due to its characteristics, the logical thing would be that its cost will bring within the middle range.

honor logo

After learning more about what is to come from one of the biggest technological Chinese, do you think that Note 8 will rise much when measured against the models of other local and foreign companies, as against own terminals launched by their signatures sisters? Do you think that in the land of the phablets we can also help with certain saturation that could hinder the success of this device? You have available more related information e.g., comparisons of their predecessors so you can say you yourselves while you know other options.

The new phablet of Honor article would come in August and could thus be published in TabletZona.

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