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The new LeEco record performance with Snapdragon 821 in AnTuTu

The technology we already know that it is very volatile and is updated at a breakneck speed. We started the year 2016 with the processor Snapdragon 810 and terminals with 4 GB of RAM as the most powerful of the moment, and right now those characteristics seem to be of the more archaic if we look a little bit forward. Both make it to the new LeEco LEX720 which has undergone AnTuTu with the new processor Snapdragon 821, where has harvested a record score, marking a new roof in this performance test results.

Rumors suggest that both LeEco Xiaomi would be the first manufacturers to offer a terminal with the processor Snapdragon 821, also known as 823. This is called MSM8996pro, and is a little evolution of the current model, which apparently this test will offer a performance plus. Until now the most powerful terminal that had gone through AnTuTu was Live XPlay 5 with more than 138000 points, very on par of LeEco you Max 2 which also reached 138000 points.

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Now this new LeEco, the LEX720 has set a new record in the test of performance, if catches which have been leaked today of this test are real.

leeco x720 en antutu

Because in them we can see that LEX720 surpasses 154000 points, which opens a major breakthrough against current heavyweights in the industry. New you echo takes more than 20000 points to iPhone 6s, which says a lot about how fast is this phone. But to achieve these figures the sheet has to be spectacular.

Technical details of you Eco LEX720

Though to the surprise of many, this new you echo boasts not unleashed figures of RAM, as it begins to be normal. Many phones now opt to increase its performance with 6GB of RAM, and even already know some that will come with up to 8GB. But it is not the case of this LeEco, because offers 4 GB of RAM memory, by which all the credit the new Snapdragon 821takes it.

leeco x720 en antutu

It also mounted a Full HD screen and 32 GB of storage. The camera is 16 Megapixel back and 8 Megapixels forward. The software that has passed the test is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. With this technical sheet LeEco LEX720 is capable of reaching 154,272 points at AnTuTu. A new roof that will have to get my Xiaomi Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The presentation of this new model of LeEco could be in just 5 days, on June 29.

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