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The major technology events to see the best tablets and smartphones

The fairs and congresses distributed along all the year, is have developed in appointments essential for it most of them manufacturers of tablets and smartphones. In these events, all take advantage to make a show of force and present to their Crown jewels in the months following its conclusion. However, the announcement of new models is not the only interest in them, since here also we can see materialized the arrival of a number of trends related to the brackets. In many cases, this union has just not only affecting the own terminals, but they are also included in every day millions of users through the management of your devices.

Although in some cases, the entry to these acts is reduced to some collective, through networks social and of them websites of them themselves, is possible be informed to the instant of all what happens during all the days in which pass. With this, is seeks the interaction among all the actors that come in game. On the other hand, we find a series of conferences and debates in which asks what will be the future of stands which, as we have stated on other occasions, have become cornerstones in the everyday lives of many. Today we will make a tour by the Calendar and highlight them fairs more important to level national e international in which can see them large tablets and smartphones that finally just marketed.

MWC 2014


Started with an of them major fairs to scale world and that will take place between the 5 and the 8 of January. Held in Las Vegas, here we can see not only the largest manufacturers in the world, but also the presentation of projects which at the end of the time just taking form e.g., LG tablet rolling or some models which were already equipped with Project Tango. The automotive and others formats as the TV, also have their fitted in this event that in matter of tablets in his previous edition had milestones as the Galaxy Tab Pro S, or the ThinkPad X 1 Yoga of Lenovo.

2. Best on Events

This event, which will take place in the German city of Dortmund on 18 and 19 January, will not show the most outstanding devices that we see during the first months of 2017. The main idea of this fair is the the consumer electronics relate to other fields such as advertising or the media. Here, meet creatives from around the world showing their ideas in areas such as marketing or art multimedia.



The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has become one of the great technological events worldwide. Focused in its origins to devices of smaller size, with the passage of time it has diversified its fields of action, which has helped to position itself at the top of the biggest fairs in mobile telephony. You will be held between February 27 and March 3 and in it all the actors of the sector, cited from manufacturers to distributors. Between what is expected of the edition of 2017, highlights the reappearance of Nokia and how not, the presentation of them ships logo of several companies as Samsung.

4. Expo electronic

To go the fourth great 2017 of consumer electronics fair, we must move up to Russian soil. Moscow will host an event that will be some of the most important trends in formats including tablets and smartphones throughout the year between the 25th and 27th April.

mate 9 phablets


We advance a few months in the calendar and jumped up to the month of September. For more than one week, since the days 1 to 9, the German capital is celebrated in other quotations that have become step forced for a multitude of manufacturers. In the IFA, we not only witness once again to the presentation of highlights in tablets and smartphones, but it this fair shows the terminals that can be found both at the end of the year and at the beginning of the next, as well as the most important trends that might appear in the short term. In the last edition, they could see the latest processors manufactured by Qualcomm, as well as the most attractive models of firms such as Sony, Motorola and Huawei.

6 Mostra Da Oportunidade

Finally, we conclude the tour calendar and the planet in Galician lands. During the first weekend of March, takes place in Ourense the Mostra Da Oportunidade. In the strict sense he is not fair like that we have cited in the list, but that rather it is an event that can be purchased the latest in consumer electronics at a reduced price that you can normally found in specialized establishments.

tablets 2 en 1 windows

As have seen, the presentation and the launch of the most of them terminals passes by all a series of fairs and congresses that not only are the trampoline for many companies, but also them serve of test for to check what can be your success before get to the great public. Think that all these quotes are useful to draw the sheet of route of the sector of the electronic of consumption? Have available more information related as such, which are preparing companies as LG for the CES that was held this week.

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