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The load wireless for the Moto Z would come thanks to a MotoMod

The Moto Z, no doubt, have been one of the devices more destacadaos of 2016. Lenovo opted by a design quite differential, with a body metal and of glass, that did that to the hand sit quite well. But today, we know that you one of run them that they didn’t have these mobile, may end up coming, since the Wireless charging for the Moto Z would come thanks to a MotoMod.

These new Moto Z, have the particularity of that can add you, thanks to them pin that have in the part back, an accessory called MotoMod to add you a new function to the terminal. This modular system, so named it Lenovoworks really well and has great future in its upcoming devices, although at the moment, there are few MotoMods.

The Wireless charging for the Moto Z would be possible

The MotoMods work really well, and it may be the most remarkable part of next Lenovo terminals in the coming years. We had the opportunity to test the MotoMod of the projector, which had a run like the others.

We had to attach it to the back by means of a magnet and a few pines, and already the MotoMod is automatically synchronized with the terminal and it started to work. A system very simple for all over the world. Today, talk of which lWireless charging for the Moto Z would be possible thanks to a new project on Indiegogo.

This project’s Indiegogo looks pretty good. It is, as we see in the video, a new MotoMod of a not very large thickness, which is put in the back of the terminal and would that you had Wireless charging. If like help to this project and like to buy a MotoMod with load wireless for them Moto Z, would have that put a quantity of 35 dollars. But you can help with with a small amount to help the project.

This MotoMod is only a proof of its potential

carga inalámbrica para los Moto Z

Long ago, Motorola made an appeal to all its users, saying that the best idea on a MotoMod would be a prize, and would come true. At the moment, we have only seen 4 MotoMods, and the most innovative of all of them is the camera and projector, since we could, in the future, have a professional camera in your mobile phone just to stick it to the back.

With this project of MotoMod with Wireless charging, we can see how big that is the community and the potential which has to make more MotoMods. We do not rule out that with the departure of the Next Moto Z, we begin to see serious betting in this section for a large number of accessories.

The Wireless charging for the Moto Z item would come thanks to a MotoMod was published in MovilZona.

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