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The LG G6 not is will look to the Galaxy S7 Edge: not bring screen OLED curve

Samsung marked last year the trend of the Smartphone market of premium range with its Galaxy S6 Edge and curved screen, something that has maintained and optimized with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7. Since then, manufacturers have shown great interest in adopting the same technical solution. One of those would have been LG, which had plans to implement a similar solution in your future LG G6. However, reports from of Korea of the South put of manifest that the signature is will see forced to keep a panel LCD flat of the LG G5 in your next ship logo before the inability for produce them enough display OLED curved.

Is expected that the future ship logo of LG appears during the first quarter of 2017. A movement that is logical if we consider that by then will be fulfilled a marketing year of the LG G5cycle. The expected arrival of the new high-end of the firm has promoted leaks and rumors about the expected technical characteristics of the model. Until now it was believed that one of the changes that the Asian manufacturer would apply would be the adoption of a screen OLED bend, solution which has proven extremely attractive face to the user. However, the firm would have had that rectify and return to consider is the development of the LG G6.

LG G6 non-curved screen

The future of the G6 LG dilucidaba with curved screen, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. A change that gives extra functionality and an additional attraction that may not be exploited by the South Koreans. The main reason is the inability of the division LG Display for produce the enough volume of screens OLED curves. And is that currently the same factories are only capable of producing the panel OLED Apple Watch. In fact, the company will not be able to produce in mass screen OLED curves of large format (for smartphones) until the second half of next year, moment in which the multinational will have to supply this type of screens to Apple iPhone 8.lg g5

8 iPhone is already developing in 2017

The cost overruns of the casing, another problem

Instead, the LG G6 will keep the screen of the LG G5, a panel LCD flat. A change that will force the company to redesign its LG G6 to adapt it to new circumstances. And is that to the inability of produce the volume enough of screens is sum the surcharge that would have manufacture the future ship logo with a housing of aluminum and glass, formula that currently is offering great results to Samsung. Thus, all these factors will determine largely the outcome of the G6 LG, which will eventually be a light evolution of LG G5 by keeping LCD display and design of modular housing rather than the aforementioned monocoque aluminum and glass. In terms of the technical features of the smartphone, yet no record or leaks that allow us to get a slight idea of what prepares manufacturer.

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