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The LG G6 could get to the market before it expected

Curious the moment that lives today in regards to the release of more powerful handsets that prepare the companies that work with Android to 2017. The immense most seems that is are preferring by events own for each one of them devices, and in this case speak of the LG G6 of which there are new and interesting information.

If first was the Samsung Galaxy S8, pointing to a presentation in the month of April in New York, now the turn of use of its rivals in the market for uncheck it from the fair Mobile World Congress . As we have said before, us refer to the LG G6 that by what is has known could be announced a month before what is expected and, therefore, abandon the event that is held in Barcelona.

The reason that has led to think this is the Korean company would have advised manufacturers who are participants in the G6 LG to have all more than ready for the month of February, which would indicate that you as much would be in March when the device would be for sale. Thus, everything points to a single presentation that would occur as late at the beginning mentioned, leaving him out of the MWC.

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The reasons for the advance of the LG G6

Two would be the more important. The first is to correct sales that have tended in the high-end of the market with the arrival of the LG G5, which were not expected. And, by this, as soon as possible are put in play the new model that it replace best that best. We must not forget that the LG G6 is a terminal that will come with a important needs to reverse the situation in the segment more powerful on the market, where the situation is more and more complex by the arrival of players such as the own Google or OnePlus, which has not been precisely in “Flower Day”.

The other reason would be the of arrive before Samsung market , since this way a higher sales and fees could be (as long as the G6 LG managed to convince). Hope that between the news that are of the split in the terminal not is the abandonment full of the use of accessories integrated, that are a good idea-perhaps the implementation not is the best, but it certain is that this is something differential-.

The case is that seems that the Mobile World Congress of 2017 can be, of confirm is that neither LG or Samsung will launch their new range high in the event, one of the most caffeine-free of recent times. Hope that is have something saved the Organization for this not be thus.

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