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The Lenovo with compact size M bike appears at Geekbench

The Motorola arrived in Lenovo is giving an air that is completely different from the range of the signature. Admittedly, that since the arrival of Lenovo we stopped not know new terminals for the motorcycle range, from the powerful bike Z to the recent E3 Moto. But there is even time for surprises, with the emergence of terminals as unexpected as the Moto M that we have seen today through a known performance test. We will know by its characteristics to what range would be oriented this new bike M.

It seems that this new model motorcycle M would be oriented to providing a more compact experience of its most simple terminals with screens less than five inches, as it has shown this model called XT1663 in Geekcbench.

Tab technical of the new Moto M from Lenovo

The Compact phones are becoming a species at risk of extinction within the range of many manufacturers. Already are few them terminals with screens lower to them 5 inches that is presented of form regular, and this Moto M would come to the market to break the trend and offers a phone very compact with some features of range half quite solvents. The tab technical that has shown this bike M in Geekbench is headed by a display of only 4.6 inches with a great resolution Full HD of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Your processor is a MediaTek MT6750 with eight cores at a clock speed of 1, 9GHz next to a Mali GPU T860.

Moto M en Geekbench

The memory RAM is 3 GB while the internal storage up to 32 GB, it is unknown if they are extensible. The camera is 8 megapixel front and 16-Megapixel back. To finish configuring the operating system that has passed the test is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Know more about this Lenovo terminal for the range bike, except some rumors that point to that will integrate a fingerprint reader, something that was to be expected on the other hand.


On his arrival to the market them few information that circulate about it are running to there will be that wait to end of this year. In any case, it is clear that Lenovo is preparing a new terminal for the Motorola range with a clear compact orientation, but without sacrificing a quality screen and good dose of performance multitasking with the 3 GB of RAM.

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