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The LeEco Le X 652 with camera dual appears in the Tena

LeEco is gaining a great prominence lately in the market Chinese, that even is reaching dimensions interesting more beyond of the borders Asian. The excellent relationship quality price of their terminals has got that these will continue each time more from West. Despite have a with software little friends of them customs Western, the ROM custom are allowing its popularity, that could verse increased with terminals as this LeEco Le X 652 that just of pass by it Tena with a camera dual.

It certification Chinese us allows know some of them aspects more important of a phone before their presentation, that tends to be imminent in the time of the certification, are going to see what us will offer this LeEco Le X 652.

LeEco Le X 652 with camera dual

It is certainly the main characteristic of this LeEco, a dual camera which we had already seen in some leaked images and that indeed has a very unusual look for a camera of this type. In any case confirms the arrival of this terminal with both lenses, that it have not detailed any information, as well as that of other many components that have not been revealed by the china certification.

leeco lex652 en la TENAA

But some features that are have confirmed, as for example a screen of 5.5 inch of which is unknown the resolution, although all points to Full HD. On the other hand the thickness of the LeEco Le X 652 is of 7.5 mm, while as is sees in the images will be with a reader of traces. The antennas will be integrated in them ends top and bottom of the mobile, a position every time more common. The Tena confirms one of them aspects more important, as is a battery of 3900mAh, almost on par with which mounted currently Xiaomi in its last terminals of range average.

leeco lex652 con camara dual

The software that has become the Tena the LeEco X 652 is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This new LeEco Le X 652 seems the answer of the Chinese firm to the recent Xiaomi Redmi Pro, with a similar size and also premiering dual camera. The model range by half of which you speak and the denomination that has gone through the certification, would not surprise us to tell a processor Snapdragon 652, the most powerful in the middle range and which already forms part of several rival Xiaomi terminals.

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