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The LeEco LE Pro 3 appears in the network with CPU Snapdragon 821

With the heart in the hand can tell that the company’s mobile Chinese LeEco us has completely confused. If makes few days threw to the market its LeEco Le 2 Pro, all the leaks seemed to point that soon would see a version with steroids called LeEco Le2S Pro. This terminal which has already obtained a score of record in AnTuTu seems that it will be finally called LeEco Le Pro 3.

While the Le2S Pro in your step by AnTuTu would have gotten nothing less that 157.897 points, now the known as LeEco Le Pro 3 has been seen in a page of benchmark showing which could be your real name. But this not is it more interest of the filtration, since in the same captures that I show below is can warn some of their features internal.

benchamrk leeco

The list of spectacular this LeEco 3 Pro specifications would be headed by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, the evolution of the current processor that boast terminals such as the LG G5 or Xiaomi Mi 5. This SoC would be combined with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM and tambien would include an 8 megapixel camera on the front and another 16 Megapixel on the back camera.

LeEco Le2S, LeEco LE2S Pro or LeEco Le Pro 3?

As we said at the beginning of these lines, we are lost with respect to the possible names of the new terminal of the mobile Chinese manufacturer. First of all, assumes that manufacturer only launch a model equipped with Qualcomm processor, but later another flight spoke of the existence of two terminals, the LeEco Le2S and the LeEco Le 2S Pro. Now resulta the next device of the company will be called LeEco Le Pro 3 and its first leaks appear days after the launch of LeEco Le 2 Pro. Stop the world that I want to get off.

However, if compare all the leaks we know that this possible LeEco Le Pro 3 has with best specifications that the LeEco Le2s, a terminal that is says would appear with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM.

Will have that wait to know them next movements of the company to know what is the device that finally will see the light, or if in some weeks will have a new batch of smartphone LeEco in the market.

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