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The iPhones also include scan of iris as the of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

While there were already similar solutions in the Smartphone market, it was not until the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when the iris scanner take relevance. However, there are indications that this biometric technology will continue gaining prominence, as much as for Apple iPhonesadopts it in its future. So much so that there are references indicating that the Cupertino already prepared an iris reader for your iPhone, even though it would have to wait until 2018 to see it implemented as new feature.

During the last weeks have collected different leaks that we have left see them uses and configuration that will have the new sensor biometric of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The model will be capable of read and recognize the pattern eye of each user through the camera front of the terminal and operate as a system of security additional to the sensor of traces. According to a leaked video in which you can see the operation of the same, the system seems fast and effective. One of the features will be the phablet of Samsung star and everything seems to indicate that it will serve to introduce this new biometric sensor in the sector.Escaner de iris en el Samsung Galaxy Note 7

First video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which shows the operation of the iris scanner

The sector mobilizes

At least so is clear of the information that publishes DigiTimes, a half Taiwanese with strong ties with them manufacturers of components electronic. According to the publication, the implementation of iris in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 single scanner is the tip of the iceberg since many other brands are behind this technology. Not only we refer to manufacturers as Xiaomi, who would be already studying this new development to implement this in their future models, but that other closely related to the same manufacturers also begin to move. Is the case of Qualcomm or or -film Tech, in addition to those suppliers of components. All signatures in some way related to the development of technology and production of components that will move to smartphones have accelerated their work around the iris scanner.Sensor Touch ID de un iPhone 6

More details about the scanner’s Rainbow of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Edge and S-Pen functions

The iPhone from Apple also is extremely

However, there is a proper name that gives visibility to information. And is that Apple would include among them brands that prepare the adaptation of this type of sensors biometric to their future models. In the case of the multinational, the report from DigiTimes points that Apple will be able to include reader of iris to your iPhone in 2018. The truth is that Apple has the ability to popularize the technology as other brands may not. It did it once with footprints Touch IDsensor, which had already been launched earlier at the hands of other brands and not standardized in the industry until debuted the iPhone 5s.

The sensor of fingerprint Touch ID of the iPhone is more safe that the included in devices Android

Will the same with the iris scanner happen? Quite possibly not, since the circumstances are not the same and 2018 seems to us a rather late date, with space enough for brands such as Samsung to develop and optimize the technology before the own Apple. Only the adoption of unique features it seems that you could give Apple a privileged position in this regard.

The article them iPhones also include scanner of iris as the of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is published at MovilZona.

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