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The iPhone 8 returns to the housing of glass of the iPhone 4

At least is what the analyst, or almost “Futurist” of best known Apple, Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, is what ensures. The Californian company will again use a glass casing for your next phone in 2017 (which points to that it could be the iPhone 8 since yesterday) as already did in his time with the iPhone 4.

Many – and let that which signed this article also verify it – they claim that iPhone 4 (hence iPhone 4s also) have been phones with the best Apple design in history. And entering in a personal opinion, the last in which Steve Jobs gave a true personal feedback.

But returning to the information that appears today, Apple resume according to Ming Chi Kuo them shells of glass for which will be one of their phones more important, which marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone in 2017 and that yesterday same from Apple in Israel already is called iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 or iPhone X what we will arrive in 2017?

With the doubt of if will be iPhone 8 or iPhone X -following the tradition when is spent of MacOS 9 to MacOS X-Kuo says that Apple not can allow is launch an iPhone 7s but need advance the new design in 2017 to continue being competitive.

iPhone 7 color Jet Black

The reasons for abandoning the metal in post of the glass are several according to the expert and much have that see, according to he, with them problems of the finished bright of the iPhone 7 Jet Black. As is known, this model is much more difficult of manufacture to the same time that it shows really delicate with the step of the time. Therefore, the company to continue providing this shiny finish would opt on the iPhone 8 of 2017 to recover the shells of glass – on the other hand its competitors already use as Samsung in all its new series Galaxy from a couple of years ago-.

Kuo, also aims to offer an iPhone 8 with screen and casing of curved glass, with the fashionable 2.5 d effect, as well as perhaps comes a little up and says that they could increase the number of models of the iPhone for the coming year, adding to the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch one 5.8-inch panel curved.

Of truth will break Apple its tradition by the 10 anniversary of the iPhone?

Leave to the analyst with their speculation that, by another part, are so frequent since in many occasions already us cause the effect of the tale of “Peter and the Wolf”. However, there is also saying that the river sounds when water and one of the major criticisms of the iPhone 7 is its continuity in the design, that make almost more a model “S” renovated to a new one by full right as it usually does Apple.

Is by this that I launched this question to you. Counting that the year that comes, moreover, is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone would come the iPhone 8 or see the iPhone 7s?

Article 8 iPhone will return to Crystal iPhone case 4 was published in MovilZona.

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