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The iPad Pro is the tablet more sold in 2016, in all of its quarters

Certain is that the demand of tablets suffers now a slowdown, while the 2 in 1 begins to emerge. Even so them sales of the iPad Pro still being superior to them of any other model, including hybrid type Surface Pro 4. It is not something anecdotal, but recurrent throughout the three trimesters after this 2016. Apple still has a lot to say in the segment despite the doubts about its strategy of recent years and professional product rotation.

Not matter that the rhythm of growth of the Surface and the volume of business that this entails grow to very good rhythm in the last months. By now the Apple tablet in its new version, iPad Pro, continued topping the charts of best-selling tablets in the world with a huge difference on the Microsoft team. In fact, Redmond are not even among the top five manufacturers worldwide.

The iPad Pro is still the King

While Apple has lost the enormous distance that mediating with other manufacturers makes three or four years, when your tablet had a share equal to or exceeding 50%, after every crisis in the segment and the many who have grown the Android, especially if we take into account low-cost devices, the iPad Pro has meant a 19.9% of sales in the third quarter of the year , while Samsung it has been with a 14.1%. Much more than they are Lenovo and Huawei, with a 5.8 and 5.4 per cent respectively.

iOS 10 mas fluido

Not only that data is important, but also must have in has that the tablet of Apple is which gets older indexes of satisfaction in the latest surveys of JD Power. In this case, Microsoft is placed second, while Samsung is the third. In any case, we must bear in mind that the South Korean company has not presented high-end Android tablet at this 2016 and that can have slightly lowered their valuation.

A reinforcement to maintain its future strategy

Precisely yesterday published an issue in which we abord√°bamos a number of issues that should probably work Apple to ensure its position in the face of the times coming. While the hybrid with Windows 10 increase your demand and Google are excited staff with the promise to make converge smartphone and tablet PC on a platform called Andromeda, Apple appears to be strong in its bid to keep iOS and Mac OS separated.

What is clear is that the Apple has lost much advantage and although follow leading the sector, not can sleep is with a strategy continuity, but needs to return to fall in with some spin unexpected. A keyboard, only do not seem to be the solution.


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