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The interfaces based on Android Marshmallow more popular

As I have mentioned on other occasions, one of the biggest obstacles that should be facing Android, is fragmentation. This not is translates only in thousands of devices and hundreds of manufacturers, but also, in the incorporation of interfaces own that, with their virtues and his defects, intend to offer a better experience to them users. The existence of platforms additional inspired in the software of the robot green, has in the compatibility one of them greater challenges that solve both to short as to medium term, since many applications developed of form generic for the system of them of Mountain View, can present failures of operation important if is running in devices with added in this aspect.

Them technological Chinese are that more have built-in these software or layers of personalization in the greater part of its models already are tablets or smartphones. Then, we show you a list with the most used, what are their strengths but also weaknesses, and what share in common with Android as well as some free source codes. Are we facing merely copies that they add nothing new to the terminals? can be the spearhead of a new generation of platforms?

emui 4.1 interfaz

1 UX

We started with a developed layer to improve the connection between terminals and peripherals created by LG. Its latest version, 5.0, saw the light during the MWC held in Barcelona in February. Between their points strong, has with a series of features directed to improve the properties of them cameras of them devices of the signature South Korean as the change of sensors with only press a button, and also, Smart Doctor, directed to prolong the life useful of them models. Another of them approaches of UX is aimed to improve the compatibility between them modules of them smartphones more recent released by the company.

2. color OS

Created by the Chinese OPPO, currently we can find us the version 3.0. Among its highlights, we have home virtual buttons, identical to those who we are physically in the bottom of the smartphones of the firm, a different aspect of the icons of the applications and tools, improvements in the music application installed in series and that received criticism from users , and finally, measures to increase the security and privacy of installed apps.

color os xiaomi

3 Vibe

In third place, we find with Lenovo, that aims to improve the capacity of customization of their models largely through this platform. The most attractive vibe are its catalog of original songs, different modes to establish a lock screen and a small number of pre-installed applications that reduces the duplication. Among its major disadvantages, from the point of view of those who wish to modify more still the appearance of the desktop, we found a very similar to the one of the latest versions of Android home screen .

4. MIUI 8

The most striking of this interface is the fact that has been one of which most has abandoned Android Marshmallow components. Developed by Xiaomi, offers a typography different to that already found in the software of the robot green and a menu floating in that can locate several commands. In the paragraph of the Security and the protection of them consumers, find a system of detection of messages and contained fraudulent or dangerous. He performance also is an of them bazas of MIUI, since according to their creators, allows extend between two and three hours, the autonomy of them terminals of the company china with this platform to the same time that optimizes the memory.

miui os xiaomi

5. Android pure

In fifth place, are facing a platform that does not add new features, but them eliminates. Is is of a version simplified of the Android conventional that also has been developed by them of Mountain View and that is getting a great reception among them users thanks to its Management simple and to a number of applications installed very reduced. This interface can be very useful for those who want to have a first contact with the Green robot socket. However, their strengths also can be their weaknesses, since not has with a great capacity of modification in aspects as them themes and components as the cameras, feature with a catalog of functions more low.

Although here I have told some of the most popular, currently, the majority of firms develops its own platforms inspired by more implanted softwares in the world. Huawei, Sony or Samsung are just some examples of how brands are trying to offer, through these elements, a more complete experience to users. Without however, interfaces as which I have tabled also hide a strategy by developers: the loyalty of the public through features such as the interconnection of other media released by the same as in the long run, can lead to the public to all your devices from a single company.

sony xperia xa ultra carcasa

Do you think that elements like MIUI or UX can be useful? Do you prefer to use Android without additives? You have available more information as for example, a review by the news that the last member of the family Cyanogen will incorporate so that you can say to yourselves.

The most popular Android Marshmallow-based interfaces article was published in TabletZona.

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