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The imminent arrival of Android Nougat may have slowed the adoption of Marshmallow

Come reports of adoption of Android for the month of August, and most notably in them probably immobility. Compared to last month, Marshmallow scale less than two percentage points, when it should be expanding. In fact, this is the only moderately sensitive change registered in platform, as Lollipop barely moves and previous versions (except Kitkat) kept their guns.

A question really recurring at the time of carry to out analysis as that us can raise the report of this month, is that Google imposes a rhythm of updates that few can follow; many times even by a matter of business strategy. A clear example of this is the Galaxy Note 7, presented yesterday with Android Marshmallow and within days of official release of Nougat. Instead the LG V20 will play the trick of becoming fully updated. The decision here is clear: Samsung seeks to highlight front 7 iPhone anticipation, while LG seeks to scratch him some user to Note 7 between the fan of Android.

Android 7 Nougat: Download the wallpapers that will arrive in the Nexus 2016

Waiting for Nougat, Marshmallow seems to have peaked

The speed of adoption of Marshmallow to found in the phase in which it is located is really slow and that to Nougat is waiting for you in just a few days, something which, no doubt, will cut its evolution. Logically to say Android 7 hinder Android 6 imaging, we do not mean flagships of the major brands, but rather to ranges socks so important as in intermediate companies firms, and it is that it is very understandable that efforts to update an operating system when it is not yet possible to get out of a spiral of obsolescenceare not reversed.

grafico de distribucion android por versiones

At the end it seems Android Marshmallow will look like fourth force behind Lollipop (than if it had a rather more effective deployment), Kitkat and even Jelly Bean.

Security updates: what reports do not say

The question that we pointed out is even more acute if we take into account this other factor. Really have spent years without receiving security updates continuously and, personally, I’ve never known a case of someone direct suffered a mishap, related to this aspect. Even so, Google has designed a program of patches that unfolds every month and that only a firm such as Samsung (i.e., the largest manufacturer of the segment) is capable of emulating.

Android 6.0 en Nexus 9

If you have a Pixel C or an Galaxy S7 Edge, it is something that does no harm and even comfort. However, to what extent not is creating a gap between brands? In fact, already have read by there some article quite absurd recommending purchase only terminals Nexus or Galaxy.

The imminent arrival of Android Nougat item may have slowed the adoption of Marshmallow was published in TabletZona.

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