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The HTC Ocean Note will be presented as HTC U Ultra, new details

Yesterday we talked about camera HTC Ocean Note, on if it could get to overcome Google Pixel quality. As well, today we have known new information about this terminal that could get to the market within very shortly with another name. In addition we have known two new details of this new handset from HTC. Both its screen size as the existence or not of a minijack connector has detailed with these rumors, will meet Fund as well as the date of submission of this HTC U Ultra.

As we said yesterday same you talk about camera HTC Ocean, precisely the terminal from which we will talk about today and that will not be called thus at the time of its release, at least that is what they have secured from a reputable source.

Will be called HTC U Ultra and will be a great phablet

Just an invitation sent to the media at the beginning of week located them a presentation of HTC on January 12, with a special role for the letter “U”, a role that could now be his sense. Because @nleaks, one of those leaksters more reputed of it industry has posted a Tweet with a message very clear, the HTC Ocean Note is present finally as HTC U Ultra.

Got it from an unverified source but I put that here anyway… 😏 #HTC Ocean Note = HTC U Ultra = 6 “display = no 3.5 mm Jack…

-OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) December 31, 2016

But not is has formed only with this information, because also has given details about the size of screen of this HTC U Ultra, that would be a real phablet to the count with a panel of nothing less that six inch. Other details that is has filtered with this Tweet is that HTC will continue with the trend view in their models more recent and nor will provide to this HTC U Ultra of a connector minijack. So in this way from now we ought to call this terminal with this name, because probably finished presenting as well.

HTC U Ultra

Little more has been known of this terminal, except that it will be compatible with Dual SIM, it will feature connector USB Type-C and will be available in white, black and blue colors. So at the moment will have to wait until January 12 to meet formally to this new handset from HTC, which may be accompanied by two other models, as there is also evidence of the existence of the Ocean Smart HTC and HTC Ocean Master, we will see in what range are positioned, most likely in the middle range.

The article HTC Ocean Note will be presented as HTC U Ultra, new details are published at MovilZona.

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