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The history of Blackberry that not ended with final feliz

Makes ones days you presented to DTEK60, the bet of the Canadian Blackberry in the sector of them phablets for the straight end of 2016 and that sought to give a spin to the situation that crosses it company currently. This model, which seemed to break the streak of economic losses and almost residual reception of the products of a firm that in his day, became among the most powerful in the world, has been overshadowed by a decision of breaking of the directors of the technology in which bids farewell to the mobile telephony sector at least for the moment.

Among the possible reasons that we would find behind this measure, we could find others used by firms such as Dell or Microsoft to withdraw from the market as the saturation or the thrust of other brands that in a few years, they have achieved a leading market position. But, do other factors lie behind the measure? Then you have more on its causes and also, on the impact that will have not only the company, but among the public and other stakeholders in the sector. Are before anything definitive or Blackberry will return to be present in the future?

blackberry dtek60

An adaptation late

BlackBerry is resisted to leave them keyboards that you ensured the popularity and the success before the consolidation of them smartphones and the rest of formats touch. When the company is decided to launch a terminal that broke completely with one of their features identity more defined, the host of them new models as Leap was rather discrete. To try to increase the attractiveness of this round of products, shortly after a new operating system was launched: BB10 allowing many shortcuts, more stable connections and a number of native applications editing and mounting both photo and video, Blackberry Messenger, seeking to be the alternative to the most commonly used platforms. All this, focused to the public traditional of the signature American: the industry professional.

The measure

As I had a few lines above, the company’s decision is convincing: freezes the fabrication of devices themselves to continuing the line taken a few months letting aside the creation of interfaces for future terminals for the benefit of Android, that would equip them. Before the cessation of production, Blackberry has joined the list of brands that work with the software of Mountain View.


The causes

While approximately between 2009 and 2010, the company reached its records of sales, from 2011, the firm has entered into a spiral of economic loss, cuts staff and restructuring. The saturation of the market, that also is has translated in a greater offer of releases to them public traditional of the technological Canadian and others factors as a greater compatibility of devices with Android and the existence of more than one million of applications for this platform have been decisive. On the other hand, and as happens in the land of them tablets, in few years have irrumpido crowd of companies of all the world that have exerted more pressure on the manufacturers traditional that to makes little flocked almost all the market.

The future

All points that Blackberry as company does not disappear. As happened with Microsoft in summer when them of Redmond left of focus efforts in its division of smartphones for focus is in others sectors, the Canadian could follow a strategy similar in which them telecommunications would have a role crucial. On the other hand, could authorize is to small companies without capacity economic sufficient to give the great jump to the market to use the licenses of this first. Asia seems to be the objective towards which is will lead the firm starting from now.

blackberry sensor

The DTEK, on the air?

The decision, which has been known in the past hours, could have a direct impact on the terminals of the DTEK series of which I spoke earlier. Yet it has not been clear if both devices will go ahead and will be soon or eventually however, stored in the drawer. On the other hand, in the larger format, we could find modifications and devices already existing and the hand of the largest such as Samsung already carry a time between us.

BlackBerry is just one example of how in consumer electronics, changes can occur rapidly and require more serious measures in order to ensure the survival of some firms. After learning more about what may be the direction of the Canadian in the next few years, do you think that it was the culmination of an agony that had been taking place long? Do you think that in the future there could be new opportunities that would serve to place it in the place it occupied in the past? You have available more similar information as for example, the decision of Microsoft to dispense with its division of smartphones so that you may better know all the circumstances surrounding the creators of terminals that millions of people use daily.

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