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The high-end Nokia will take a processor Snapdragon 835

Nokia is one of the companies that are most expected to your smartphone. Could see as makes years was an of the companies more important of the market, but to day of today, is a company that still not has bet by the Mobile Android. Today, they begin to know more details of the new range high of Nokia.

Already saw two years ago Nokia released its first product with Android, and it was not a phone but a tablet, Nokia N1. This tablet went unnoticed by the market, since it had a little high priced for what they offered, and company did a very large advertising commitment as other brands.

The range high of Nokia will be equal of powerful that them others

Nokia already has started to create much excitement this year with the output of all their smartphones. Already saw how Nokia made official the Nokia 6, a mobile of range half by 230 euros that can convert is in a reference in the range middle, but the range half not will be the only market in which Nokia bet, but will see until 7 mobile different of Nokia in different ranges of price, by what itself, can wait a terminal of range high , that come to compete with brands such as Samsung, LG or others.

gama alta nokia

As the news that I bring today is that already is starting to see more details of new range high of Nokia. This terminal would reach the market to become the mobile star of this half of the year. As we see in the statement it made by Nokia, its most powerful mobile take the newest processor of Qualcomm, the 835 Snapdragon , which will be mobile as the Galaxy S8 or LG G6. In addition, in the reports, the company requests a bit of time to prepare this new device and that they can make it official for the public.

Will we see you at MWC in Barcelona?

We see as in the release of Nokia, the company asks time so that they can make this device. By what not know if Nokia will be capable of presenting his mobile in the MWC of Barcelona or them postponed for them months following. At the moment, it will not be the only brand that postpone their event for after MWC, Samsung will present the Galaxy S8 weeks after the event in Barcelona.

We’ll see if Nokia can this year, betting on Android, to be one of the best companies of the year and return path following more than ten years ago.

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