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The Google Pixel with Android 7.1 Nougat in new images

If yesterday same you show two good examples of the leaks that are suffering them terminals of Google with images both of the Pixel as of the Pixel XL, today us touches speak again of more images, ones that complement to which saw yesterday and others completely different. In all of them we can see these Google Pixeldesign, and most importantly, the appearance of the new Android 7.1 Nougat. Also can appreciate the differences of size between the model standard and the XL, that will count with a screen more large, and by what seems, of greater resolution.

Part of the images that have known today of them Google Pixel and Pixel XL seem to belong to the same battery of render that which saw yesterday, although in this occasion are quite more extensive and us shows both model in detail, both its part front as rear.

Another of them images filtered us confirms an aspect of which have come speaking in the last weeks, are going to see it.

The Google Pixel with Android 7.1 Nougat

Let’s start with the pictures of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL appearing on several render, in white and grey, and where we can see more clearly the relationship of size between both terminalsof a form. As you can see the Pixel XL is the of color white and has a size greater, while the Pixel standard is more small and is shows in color grey.

Google Pixel y Pixel XL

These images not show news with regard to the design that have seen previously, and at least in which is come of front them terminals, not can appreciate a button Home physical, as itself have seen in other leaks and even in any image real. This makes us think that we we have some rendering perhaps older.

Google Pixel y Pixel XL
Google Pixel y Pixel XL
Google Pixel y Pixel XL
Google Pixel y Pixel XL
Google Pixel y Pixel XL

In fact the other render that can see next to these images us shows the part front of one of them Google Pixel and the desktop of which seems is Android 7.1 Nougat, the first update of the new system of Google that will come along with them new Pixel.

Google Pixel con nuevo boton home

In she can see another time that button Home virtual that debuts a new design, besides the new icons circular that has designed Google, and of which gave good has makes some days.

Seems that if us stick to what we can see in this image, this new button Home virtual will be an of the signs of identity of this version 7.1. And this aspect again make us doubt about the presence of a finally or not of the physical Home button in these new Pixel. We will leave doubts on Tuesday, September 4.

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