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The Google Pixel will receive a patch to eliminate halos of light in them photos

Them Google Pixel were presented to early of this month and already is have developed in some of them mobile more highlights of the market. And it are by many reasons, although an of which has more weight has been undoubtedly the quality of its camera of photos, that has been designated the best of it today. But not everything is rosy for the Pixel, since they are affected by some problems when taking photos, which are appearing “halos” of light very uncomfortable in photos taken with them.

Photos of the Google Pixel camera is good to the point that experts of DxOMark have designated it as the best mobile camera we’ve seen on a mobile phone, so that a problem like that should now make front us strange Google a lot.

A patch on the way to the Google Pixel

Put us in situation, some users have seen how in them photos taken with the camera of them Google Pixel, in conditions of much light, and in some other occasions with very little clarity, have appeared certain “halos” around the image, in them corners specifically, an effect very annoying for a camera that is has called as the best of the market. After complaints from users, Google has referred formally to this problem, recognizing it and announcing that in the next few weeks we will see get a patch to these terminals that will resolve the emergence of these reflexes in the photos.

Google Pixel halo en fotos

Google refers to this problem which we understand is software, since otherwise not would be it resolved with a patch, alluding to a solution that depends on a new algorithm designed from Mountain View. Thanks to this new algorithm the Pixel will prevent show these reflexes / halos of light in photographs taken. According to the employee of Google, to benefit from the effects of this patch of software for the Google Pixel camera, you will need to use HDR + mode, otherwise it will persist the problem.

Google Pixel

According to Google Google Pixel lenses are well structured and controlled by the Mountain View, and are not the focus of the problem, so it does not come the change by a new unit in those cases in which users are experiencing these problems. Interestingly is only a problem of software, and will be determined in the coming weeks. We will see to what extent is thus.

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