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The Google Pixel and Pixel XL compare its size in a new image

Already is less than a week so is present the new Google Pixel, and as is logical each time are more them leaks e information that know about them new phones. This year will have another time with two terminals of them of Mountain View, and although in its interior van to be virtually identical, by outside its appearance will be different, with a size more compact in the Pixel and more phablet in the Pixel XL. Today an image shows more detail this size difference between the two.

In these last days are seeing dozens of images and render that us show the design outside of them new Google Pixel, and in them not always remains clear the relationship of size and the appearance between these two phones.

The Google Pixel size

One of them leaksters more reputed of it industry has shared today an image where we can see them two new Google Pixel. On the left we can see Pixel standard, which offers a 5-inch screen, a very compact size, similar to the of the Nexus 5 X. While the Pixel XL has a screen of 5.5 inch, that it pigeonholed as a phablet of dimensions contained.

tamaño Google Pixel y Google Pixel XL

In this image we can see each of them with a different wallpaper, and it seems Android 7.1 Nougat, because as you can see in the bottom of the screen is displayed the new virtual Home button to be released with the first update of the new system of Mountain View.

In addition you can also appreciate the new icons imposed by Google, with a completely round shape. In another image you can see the evolution of size of the Nexus range of last year and the new pixel to occur next week. In it we can see left Google Pixel, which has size less than 5 Nexus X 5.2 inches. We can also see Pixel XL 5 inch, which is smaller than the Nexus 6 p with its big screen of 5.7 inches.

familia Google Pixel y Nexus

These new terminals manufactured by HTC will change primarily by outside, since by inside will share great part of the tab technical, that will be commanded both by a processor Snapdragon 820 as by a memory RAM of 4 GB. The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be presented Tuesday 4 October, representing the end of Nexus era and the beginning of a hopeful journey of the Pixel.

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